Sunday, March 21, 2010

Remember When...

Joey lost our camera yesterday. Luckily I had downloaded all the pictures, except the ones from his scout camp out, where he lost the camera. Anyway, we've ordered a new one, but unfortunately I couldn't take pics of my cute boy crashed on the rug today. (The home teachers bored him to sleep I guess...) So I'm feeling a bit reminiscent and thought I'd share a few old photos with you all. Oh how they grow!

Tyler used to grab toys with his toys and dangle them in front of his face to play with. He was a funny kiddo even then!

At my sister's graduation in 2006.

October 2006, almost a year old.

November 2006.

Christmas, 2005.

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chrissy said...

they're so little! i love going through old photos.