Monday, March 15, 2010

My Animal Lover

I'm on a roll here's another post! Tyler is my little buddy lately. Since Maren was born I've more often had to run errands while Misty stays with the daycare kids. I always take the baby, but usually tried to talk Tyler into coming as well. He's pretty energetic and I figure it will be easier for her if I take him with me. Well lately he wants to come with me everywhere. He's my little buddy. It's a lot of fun.

Anyhow...he's such a cute kid. He's my little animal lover. He's always loved to smother our dog and cat. But he really likes any animals: Grandpa's horses, animals at the zoo, my sister's birds, etc. So now he thinks Kayla is his puppy (of course!) Well for the daycare I decided to get baby chicks for a few weeks. I know...your thinking I'm nuts and yes your probably right. I was going to get ducks also, but we got the puppy and it's all just too much now.

Back to the he went with me to pick them out. We got one of each color: black, light yellow and a kind of orangish yellow. When we got them home he for some reason just fell in love with the black one. He basically refused to put it down. I asked him why he liked it to much and he just kept telling me it was really cool.

I was worried at first because I thought for sure it was going to die. Tyler wanted to hold it all the time and it wasn't doing that great. That first night it was just kind of standing there while the other birds were running around the box. Anyway, Tyler named it Black-black. The school age kids came home and they decided the other two were Snowball (the light yellow one) and Sunburst. Tyler thought they said SunBURN, so he started calling it that. Everyone thought it was really funny so it stuck.

I hope he survives when we have to take them out to Grandma's house to stay. I guess we can always visit...

Finally here's a last look at my funny man. He doesn't take naps...usually, but once in a while he'll crash. I found him on my bed like this the other day after I'd sent him in there for being a pill...pretty sure he was throwing a fit over the chicks or something. He makes me smile a lot :)

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kate said...

What a cutie!!!