Sunday, April 4, 2010

Favorite Quote

I love General Conference!!! It is such a relaxing and enriching weekend for me. The talks this weekend have been fabulous as always. My "favorite" quote this time? Elder Holland said something to the effect of:

"The adversary comes as a thief in the night. But that doesn't mean you have to invite him in, serve him tea and crumpets and show him where the silverware is! YOU SHOULDN'T BE SERVING TEA ANYWAY!"

Mormon humor...makes me laugh!


Audrey said...

I liked that one too! One of the things I have noticed this conference that I really love is that although there have been a lot of hard topics discussed, the leaders of the church have retained their senses of humor. I think that is a lesson to all of us, just because times are hard (and may be getting harder) we should not lose our sense of humor, there is always joy to be found in the gospel of Christ

Jason and Andrea Wilcock said...

I loved that too! It gave me a little chuckle. Conference was great. I loved every minute of it and this year Ashlyn understood a tiny bit more and started asking some great questions. Thanks for sharing!

Andrea said...

That part was so funny. It was definitely welcome in his talk-tough subject. But, I guess he picked the topic according to the person who said that they pick their own topics.