Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Poem

My husband is very talented in many ways and this is one of them.  He wrote this over the course of an hour or two on Christmas Eve and I didn't even have to spell check it!  Hope you enjoy!

Twas the night before Christmas
As I write this letter
My family thought I couldn't get this done, 
But I'll show them better.

It still isn't Christmas yet
just a few hours to go,
I'm writing next to the fire
As snow falls out the window.

The kids are excited
As Santa's drawing near,
It's going to be a chore
Getting them to bed I fear.

The family's getting bigger
With a new puppy named Koko,
She's tearing up the backyard toys
And driving mom loco.

Kristy is running the daycare at home,
She loves spending time with the little ones
Joey's still working at SUU
Having fun and bringing in the funds (actually I think Kristy still makes more than me).

Kelley started kindergarten this year,
She really likes school.
Tyler spending the day playing trains and cars
And thinks he's super cool.

Well again we leave you our poem
On this most holy of nights.
Hope to see you soon,
We'll leave on the lights.

But if not, we hope this letter
Finds you and your kin
Happy, healthy, harmonious
And don't forget to grin.

For on this night the reindeer fly
And the fat man rides again.

Joey, Kristy, Kelley and Tyler

Friday, December 12, 2008

Candle Giveaway

Go here to enter.  My neighbor across the street makes these...I like them because they DO smell good and they are Soy candles, which really are a little nicer than the normal ones.  Hurry...only a few more days...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Trains, Planes and Automobiles...

Thanksgiving night we drove to SLC and stayed in a hotel with the kids.  We had planned to go see the lights on Temple Square that night until we realized they weren't turned on until the next day.  So we had time to kill on Friday.  Tyler is OBSESSED with trains to the point that I am recording "Extreme Trains" on the history channel for him to watch later.  He calls it his "engine" movie.  (I love it, because what a fun, innocent thing to be obsessed with!)  So we decided to ride Trax around for a while.  We started off by SLEEPING IN!  Gotta love the hotel curtains that block out all daylight.  Then the kids and dad took a dip in the hot tub and we were off.  We spent a couple hours riding Trax and then the new Frontrunner train up to Farmington and back, just for fun.  The kids loved it, but Kelley was disappointed it didn't go faster.  

(I took this picture of the tracks and the kids.  Joey, my "artist" complemented me on it...WAHOO!)

Then off to the Clark Planetarium because Kelley wanted to go.  They had this ball contraption there that kept both the kids enthralled. Tyler was the only one that threw a fit though when it was time to leave. 

Tyler was also fascinated with the rocket display.  He stood there for at least 5 minutes.  Those of you that have three year olds will know how incredible that is ;).

Then dinner at Applebees...yum!  Tyler fell asleep on the bench as soon as he finished his chicken strips.  
it's back on the train and off to temple square.  We've taken the kids to the lights almost every year now I think, but this year we forgot all of our gear, so had to make due with what we had in the car.  We must have looked very interesting.  
The lights were beautiful and we really had a lot of fun just hanging out with the kids.  I would definitely suggest a day like this to anyone.  

I wish I could find the right image...

OK so my first thought was that old LDS movie about the "ugly" girl with the greasy hair who everyone teases until they find out she helps you guys know the one?  Couldn't remember the name so no luck finding that.  Next I thought...Stever Urkel, but in most of his pictures he's got a huge grin.  Same problem with Ugly Betty.  And I sure don't want to take a picture of the real deal (AKA, me) so you just get the story instead.  Here's the scene:

I had to switch cars with Joey this afternoon at the university.  I was planning on running all sorts of errands that I never get to run because of the daycare.  Today I had Misty watching the kids, so I was out and about.  Well I dropped off the car, but it didn't have a parking tag on it, so I had to park clear down the street.  Then I had all my stuff I had to take with me, plus some things I had for Joey to keep at his office.  I'm walking down the street with a huge armload of stuff and what happens?  I drop stuff all over the sidewalk.  I have to say I was very impressed as I had several people offer help and come to my aid.  I was SO embarrassed though.  But I got gathered up and dropped off the stuff to Joey.  He told me the van was parked back across the street.  OK.  So I'm walking over there and it's in between classes so there's all sorts of students around and I realized...I am a big fat dork.  At least today.  You see I was headed out among other things to clean out our garden in New Harmony.  So I had on my "work jeans"  I love em, they are so comfortable, but I have to admit are floods.  They are short enough that they show my ankles, but not short enough to be considered capris.  In addition an old SUU t shirt and sweat jacket with my ratty old tennies.  I had on my glasses, only a tiny bit of makeup and my hair was quickly blow dried this morning.  College students are extremely cute and fashionable.  I so with I could just keep it all together, you know what I mean?  But often somethings got to give...  So I'm a little irritated anyway and then I spent a half an hour looking for the van, which wasn't actually in that parking lot Joey later remembered.  Oh my.  The good news is the garden didn't take as long as I thought and I got my errands completed.  AND I saw gas for $1.47 here today and paid only $1.85 for a gallon of milk.  WAHOO!

Well, I'm not telling this to get pity or anything.  I think it's kind of funny.  It was just an interesting thing to realize I really am on a different spot on the game board of life.  Not that I didn't know that before...but anyway...thought you all might be able to relate is all.  Have a nice day :)