Monday, March 15, 2010

Cinderella in Review - My Darling Diva

So finally getting to posting the Cinderella pics. It turned out to be such a fun experience for all of us. It was really neat to participate is this type of a show. It ran for two nights in the Randall Jones theatre. The kids had their own dressing room with lights and mirrors. I helped backstage during rehearsals and then for one night of the show. Then all the family came to watch her on Saturday night and so I was in the house then.

Kelley kept telling me she was nervous to perform in front of all those people and she would be too embarrassed. After rehearsing in the theatre for a few nights she told me "I want to do eight million more shows! Yeah, that is more like the Kelley I know!

This is the first night. Kelley was SO excited to go out in the lobby and meet with everyone. She was just waiting for people to come talk to her and give her flowers and ask for her autograph. I felt so bad for her because none of her family was there to watch her. Everyone was paying attention to the people they had come to see. She was so expectant and so excited! I tried to explain to her, but she just didn't understand. I finally just grabbed someone to come say hello to her. But I think she really was hoping for flowers like the other little girls and she didn't get any that night.

This isn't the best picture because Joe took it without a flash during the show. I had to post it though because it was so funny. During this scene she is supposed to be flying across the stage. She had already been on once before and had apparently seen her grandparents. But she didn't see us. So in this scene she's looking for us. She has the cutest grin on her face as she ran across the stage. Instead of using flying arms she had them tucked up against her side like when your jogging. When I asked her about it she said she was flying and she wiggled her arms and shoulders to move her wings that way. It made everyone laugh.

Kelley with Cinderella.
Kelley with part of her stash. I sent my sister to get some flowers for her. I figured she get a cute little bouquet of three roses or something. She came back with this. Kelley also got a really gorgeous bouquet from my parents and a silk rose she can keep from Grandma. She felt very special this night. Of COURSE when she went to talk with her little friends about it and told them she got three flowers someone had to pipe up with "well I got FOUR flowers!" Oh give me a break!

Proud parents!
Gorgeous girl!
Kelley and I, post show.

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