Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy New Year?

So sometimes we get our poem out on time. Sometimes we don't. We had this written by New Years, which isn't really on time, but better than say....the end of January! In any's our "Christmas Card" for 2011...

Sunday, January 8, 2012

An example and witness of Christ

Last week was my cousin, Lauren's Missionary Homecoming talk. She had prepared her talk based on a quote from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. Imagine her surprise when he walked in, 5 minutes before the meeting was supposed to start. I was out in the foyer with the baby and heard them announce Elder Holland, but I wasn't 100% sure I'd heard right until I made it in a few minutes later. During the meeting I watched him off and on and was so impressed by his example. He remained focused and intent. He didn't pan the crowd. He didn't flip through books or check notes. He watched the speakers. He listened to and cried during the musical number. As I watched him, I was reminded that perhaps I should do more as I saw him doing. And so I tried to do that. And it was amazing the spirit that I felt. I couldn't help but think over and over of that quote by Brigham Young that most of us live "far beneath our privileges" with respect to the Holy Ghost and his guiding power in our lives. I try to do the things I should, but even when I'm sitting in church like I'm supposed to, it's so easy to get caught up in things that don't matter. So I was grateful for simple example of one of the Lord's special witnesses to me.

After Sacrament meeting I asked Kelley if she'd like to go up and meet him. She and I went up and he talked to her so kindly for just a minute. I got to shake his hand also, which was cool and gave me something to Facebook about for the day ;). But really in all seriousness I am so grateful for living prophets and apostles on the earth today. I am grateful for their words and counsel from God. I am grateful that I have such easy access to it. One of my favorite "apps" on my iPhone is my Mormon Channel App. I can open it up and pull up several years worth of General Conferences. I've been systematically going through these and listening to the most recent, and then older General Conference talks every chance I get. I listen to them when I'm doing housework or cooking. As I listen to these I am changed. I am improved. It's interesting because lately I have been seeking help in some specific areas of my life and so I've been listening to more and more talks. And when I'm in the car I find I don't want to turn on music or NPR like I normally do. I want to either listen to more talks, or to nothing at all and leave room for the still small voice. For me, this symbolizes a change of heart. I'm becoming less concerned and content with the things of the world I hope and more concerned with seeking out the things of a better. And this change makes me hopeful and happy.