Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I hate it when they leave ya hanging....

I have a friend on my blog roll that is making a big life change and announced it, but not the reason and I'm intrigued. She did promise the reasons would be coming soon. But they haven't. And for some reason I am so curious and I wish she'd blog about it more. But I can't blame her. Maybe no one cares, but I bet there's one or two of ya who have been hoping to see some pics of the new digs, or know how the pregnancy is going, or get an update on any one of my adorable kids. Perhaps you just can't get enough of my fabulous wit or writing...ha ha!

I wish I could make myself blog more. But I am SO behind. My house is in constant chaos. I am always putting out fires and never getting anything on my to do list done. Even though some of those things are really important. I get to this point in the day and I usually don't have dinner done (um...yeah...), I have no energy to do anything and still a million things to do. But despite that my life is really great. When I fall into bed every night I am grateful for my blessings, immensely so. And then I pray to find some balance.

Not much of an update I know. {{{{Sigh}}}}}