Thursday, July 24, 2008


So Tyler has learned how to roll his tongue...I can't even do that! So the other day I tried to get it on camera, but it was nearly impossible. He kept saying "Cheese mommy" and give me a big old grin or stick out his tounge. He'd finally do it and another kid would catch my attention for a minute and I'd miss it. I finally got it (kind of), but got lots of other cute pics along the way! Enjoy...


We have a lot of spiders in the rocks outside our house. They are mostly little or daddy long legs and they don't really come into the house so I just leave them alone. The other day I was out with the kids and found THIS bugger...carrying a grasshopper...yuck! I restrained myself and didn't step on him, but now looking back at this picture, I probably should have!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

In response to a request

I'm so happy to see that people are actually looking at stuff! Anyway, since I did send this out to a lot of people that I haven't talked to in a's an update on our family:

In December 2006 Joey graduated from USU in Graphic Design (Fine Arts). In March 2007 Joey accepted a job in none other than...Cedar City, otherwise known as the "black hole"...kidding! We love Cedar City and were so excited to move back here. He did have an offer with OC Tanner in SLC, but we thought this was a better move for us and I think we made the right decision. Joey works for SUU in their publications department and LOVES it. He works directly with the President a lot and gets to interact with a lot of different people on and off campus. Plus we get to go to a lot of free banquets, which is always nice! Joey has also been teaching a little bit, which is a fun side thing for him, but keeps him busy. He's also the scout master in our ward which keeps his CRAZY busy as well!

When we first moved down we rented a little two bedroom twin house that was really nice, but SMALL. Last fall we purchased a 3 bedroom twin house in the same neighborhood on what used to be an old sheep field, thus the name for the blog. We love our neighbors and the area, although we don't think we'll be here forever. We are about 4 miles west of downtown and there aren't a lot of street lights, so my favorite part is that at night you can see the stars so clearly. We expect to be here for another 4-5 years before we buy or build our dream home.

Up until January of this year I continued to work for Child and Family Services. When I moved to Cedar City I went from auditing contracts up north to taking the intake calls for child abuse. By the time I quit I had been with DCFS almost 6 years. I learned so much during that time and hopefully did a little good, but all I wanted to do was to be home with my two sweet kiddos! So when we had the chance for a change, we took it. I started a daycare from my home and it's been going strong. I have anywhere from 4 - 9 other kiddos here on any given day and my days are LONG and exhausting, but it's been a great thing for our family.

I mentioned in another post that I've been taking summer classes. Because Joey works at SUU I get free tution. So I took advantage of it and am taking some Family and Consumer Science classes (my degree was in Psychology). This summer I'm in the middle of Human Development through the Lifespan and Consumerism and Family finance. I'm learning a lot in both and at this point think I still have at least an A or A- in both, but it is wearing me out. I'll be excited for them to both be done in a few weeks. Then the question is what to do with the 3 classes I'm registered for in the fall??? They all sound so fun, but this is a little ridiculous! In my free time I clean the house and sleep...ha! I'm also currently the Primary Chorister in our ward.

And my kids...they are the light of my life! We still just have two and that is just right for now, much to the disappointment of my baby loving know who you are! Kelley just turned 5 and she is so smart and bright and fun! She is very talkative and honest. Always a drama queen...wonder where that comes from! She'll be starting Kindergarten this fall, which I'm really excited for her about. I think she'll do great! A few months ago she had to get her two front teeth pulled :(. When she was 2 or 3, she knocked her teeth on the playground and they finally got so weak they just got decayed to the point they had to come out. I figured out something was wrong when they started turning pink (from bleeding in the root!). Her two bottom front teeth are loose too now. She's growing her hair out also. Mom would rather keep it short for ease of use, but it's not my hair. My mom would never let me grow mine out when I was a kid, so this is something she gets to do. Her favorites include princesses, dress ups, polly pockets and barbies. She's obsessed with learning new things and dreams of being a dancer, just like Aunt Kember, who gave her her first leotard.

Tyler will be 3 in November. I just found this T-shirt at Walmart that is PERFECT for says "My parents are exhausted". He has a smile that will melt your heart, dimples and all, but he can be a ball of fire. Joey always used to say he was such a mild baby compared to a DQ Kelley...ha! This is what we get. He's got a temper, but there's nothing sweeter than him wrapping his arms around your neck and giving you the biggest "pooh bear hug" you've ever had. He love cars, his bike (Kelley's old pink one) and trains and can't live without his three blankies at night: pooh bear blankie, train blankie and animal blankie. Oh yeah and everything has to have a name. The shirt in this picture is his ball shirt, he has an orange tshirt that somehow became the Pumpkin shirt, ball shorts, Diego pants (jeans...) cars hat, stripey get the point. Kelley also has these hair ribbons with stars on them. For a while he was obsessed with "star hair". He'd put them in his hair and say "I'm a princess!" He's a funny kid and will definetly make you laugh. And how can I forget...he has got some moves! He's loved dancing to anything with rythym for a long time and it's progressed into full on break dancing. One of these days we'll get some video on here for you.

And now that's I've turned this "short" update into an all night venture, I think it's time to hit the sack as they say! Thanks for looking and I love to see your comments! See you soon....

Friday, July 18, 2008

Just one more thing

I hate it when people don't post pictures of themselves on their blog. So here's a pretty recent one of Joey and I at our friend's wedding in May.


So, since Joey gets free tuition I decided to take advantage of it this summer and take two classes, should have stuck with one, because here I am...home tonight, getting ready for two tests tomorrow, instead of at Batman with my husband. OK, enough complaining and a little procrastination with a blog post.

So I'm finally going to post some pics. My sweet kiddos are growing up so fast. Kelley turned 5 last month and is getting ready to start Kindergarten. She was playing around on the white board the other day and out of the blue asks me "how do you write 'G'" I came over and she had the whole alphabet up to that point written, backwards. This is how far she got. I've heard that's pretty normal. I personally think she's super smart and is going to LOVE school.

I thought this was so funny. Tyler fell asleep like this. He's really big into imitating people right now. Somewhere along the line he's decided it's fun to say "No Way!" when we ask him to do something. I'm not sure where he got that and we don't think that's really cute, but most of what he does is pretty funny.

More later, but I really do have to read. There's lots to say, just not enough time to say it. If you have a blog, we'd love to see it if we don't already. I love keeping up with everyone this way, it's so fun to see what's going on with everyone!