Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I really want to blog tonight

I feel like I have so much to say! Not necessarily for your enjoyment or entertainment, although it might accomplish that purpose. I just want to get my feelings down on "paper"! I love blogging and refuse to feel guilty about it. It's often the only journaling I get to anymore.

I want to blog about how I keep WISHING this mess would disappear (that is the one that is overtaking my house), but then how I'm insanely grateful for the reasons it is a mess...

I want to blog about my cute babies: The Darling Diva, The Animal Lover and The Angel.

I want to blog about the chicks: Black Black, Snowball and Sunburn and how they got their names.

I want to blog some old stories, just for posterity's sake.

I want to blog about Maren's blessing and how it's actually this weekend. What? Wasn't that last month...ummm...yeah...that's a story I never got to posting.

I want to blog about Cinderella and how great Kelley did and how she cracked us up.

Let's face it, I want to blog so I can pretend I don't have a million other things to do.

But alas, my house is a mess and I have to at least attempt to make a dent in it. Plus my computer is about to die and the hubs has commondeered the main computer. So to all my friends out there...good night!


Sherrie said...

Oh Bummer! I was looking forward to hearing all that you wanted to say. :) I hope you will blog about all of that soon.

Burt Fam said...

This is me every night. Oh present day, won't you leave me alone so that I can capture the past?? Good luck!

Jaclyn said...

I hear ya sister, I feel the same way. But I am looking forward to seeing pictures of Marens blessing today. Sorry we couldn't make it!!! I hope others were able to brave the snow storm and daylight savings and show some support. I was reading a comment you made on my blog the other day and it made me laugh. You talked about both of our Marens in the comment. If anyone else were to read it they would be confused. I love it. The best name ever for two little angel girls.