Thursday, July 30, 2009

What do YOU think?

People tell me quite a bit that Tyler looks like me, especially people that know me better than Joey (my family, friends, etc).  I think to a great extent that is true.  He got my eye color and I think my hair (a little naturally curly).  He seems to have my straight teeth.  But I think he also looks a lot like my husband sometimes.  We took this last picture over the weekend and to looked like Joey all the way.  I need to do that "look-a-like" meter one of these days and see what the experts say.  What do you think?


Lara said...

I've always thought he looks more like Joey, but it's also so subjective. Some people will focus in on a certain feature and that's all they see, and I tend to do that with mouths. I think Tyler's smile is exactly Joey's.

Kristy said...

Tyler looks more like you - I think - he definitely has your smile!

Audrey said...

He may have your eye color but the shape looks just like his dad's. I did that meter thing once and it put one of our kids exactly in the middle and the other almost exactly in the middle (a little closer to me)