Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Done with Tonsils!

Well - happy to report we are now done with tonsils!  At least for our kids for now.  Tyler had his out in May and healed well.  He hasn't had any problems since then, but I think this coming winter will tell the real story of how successful the surgery was.  Kelley just had hers out two weeks ago and has recovered really well.  She seemed to do better than Tyler and didn't take the pain medication as long.  She was so brave going into her surgery and was a great little patient.  It was kind of fun for her to have her little friend Tessa there also getting her tonsils out.  Kelley really helped Tessa be able to calm down before going in.  She's so good with that kind of thing.  I'm really lucky to have such a sweetie pie!

If you read my facebook post you will also know that one of her OR Techs was Corbin Allred.  He's an LDS actor best known for his starring role in Saints and Soldiers.  He was also on a TV show in the late 90s called Teen Angel.  He's actually going to school at SUU.  He was really cute with Kelley and will make a great doctor one day.  I felt a little silly asking if he had been in a movie, but he was happy to talk about it.  Small world...

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rachaeljanae said...

He looks like Doogie Howser. How many actors turned doctor do you come across?