Friday, July 10, 2009


So my friend Kate wrote a post on her blog about visiting an old hot spot that brought back some great memories.  It got me thinking about this experience I had in college.  We drove down to Vegas to hang out one night.  I don't gamble, never have, never will.  But you know, back in the day Vegas was fairly family friendly.  We went down to look at the Bellagio Gardens and Fountains, M & M factory, etc.  Anyway, we walked into one of the casinos and the strangest feeling of nostaligia swept over me.  It took me a minute to recognize it.  My grandparents live about an hour outside of Wendover.  We spent a lot of time with them growing up.  My grandpa liked to gamble, but also would often take us out to eat in the casinos.  He actually died right after I graduated high school and I probably hadn't been in a casino for at least a year or more at that point.  Now, cigarette smoke really just makes me sick...I HATE it!  But walking into the casino on that trip after I hadn't been in one in a while and the smell, the lights, whatever it was made me think of my grandpa.  It made me smile and laugh all at the same time.  Who would have thought? :)


Kate said...

I love it. I am sorry that you are feeling blah lately. I hope things get better. Take care and keep smiling.

Jaclyn said...

It's crazy how funny things like casinos can make you miss someone special but we all have funny memories like that. Glad you had such good grandparents who loved to spend time with you.