Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In which I admit I'm a little bit of a Celebrity Junkie

I've tried off and on to quit, but for some reason I feel the need to know the latest gossip about celebrities.  When I check KSL.com I always have to scroll down to the "Entertainment" section.  I try not to check in with People.com too much any more because the whole thing really just makes me nuts.  I hate that celebrities are so hounded by the media, I hate that I read what is written about them and I HATE that they make so much money just because they are famous.  But yet, I read anyway.  

Take for example a headline I saw probably a year or more ago.  One of the tabloids had a picture of Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri on the cover and was saying something about the "shocking" life and how they were basically being abusive.  The three things they listed were: No TV, No McDonalds and I think the last was something about Immunizations (I think).  I thought...well good for them (on the McD's and TV at least).  That little girl will maybe grow up a little healthier than most.  Anyway...that's not really what prompted me to write this post.  
Any Jon and Kate watchers out there?  I'm not an avid watcher by ANY means, but occasionally I will watch it while I'm cleaning the house.  But who can help but notice everything in the mags lately?  My heck!  So I did watch most of the episode last night and read an article leading up to the episode because the whole thing seems so sad.  I kept hoping...maybe they won't really get divorced.  Maybe they are going to announce that they are quitting the show to focus on their relationship and repair their marriage.  But no...the marriage is over.  I read another article later about it (I had missed parts of the show...I'm lame, I know, I'm too busy for this...).  They quote them as saying "the last 10 months have been hard, the last 4-5 months have been very hard" or something like that and then BOOM...marriage over.  They have been married for 10 YEARS and a few difficult months and they are DONE?  Don't get me wrong.  I know things can change quickly and some things make a marriage beyond repair.  And I'm sure there are things the reporters haven't discovered yet that are going on that have contributed to the demise of the relationship.  I have good friends that have gone through divorce and sometimes that just how it happens.  But I just feel so bad about that whole situation.  And I'm kind of irritated they are planning on continuing the show.  I don't think they realize what this really is going to do to the kids.  I don't think I'd want to have the whole world watching while I watched my parents fall apart.  Anyway...is anyone else bothered by that whole situation?  I just wish they could work it out for their cute little kids.  

Oh can I also just say it drives me nuts when they publish "shocking" pictures of celebs without makeup.  Thank goodness I don't have someone following me around with a camera 24 hours a day.  People are just people after all.


Anna said...

Ummmm yeah- you are so not alone. Sometimes if I have time I will intentionally choose a long line at Walmart so I can find the story behind the shocking headline. Especially about Brangelina and kids for some reason. If I could I would totally block J&K from my television now, because ITA it is terribly sad. Do people really not understand how important a marriage is? Infinitely more so than a TV show. I wish I could send them Fireproof and The Love Dare. I did manage to avoid watching the show last night. I also read an article somewhere that said TLC is putting the show on hiatus while they put their lives back together. At least someone has a modicum of sense.

Lara said...

It's very sad. But it looks like Jon has been having an affair for the last several months.

I just feel so upset for those children who have to live their lives on national TV and now this. The show will be on hiatus until August, but after that they want to keep going and have them live out the divorce. AWFUL.

Joey said...

You girls are funny! Just do yourselves a favor and watch sports. You'll get along with your husbands better and you won't be contributing to immoral producers who would rather make money than stop a show that should be stopped. You know every woman in America is singing the same tune. Do you think that will stop them from watching?? Heck No!

Kristy said...

I understand - you know, I do the same thing as you - but I go to msnbc.com and the only thing I look at is the "entertainment" section - I think it's because the actual news is depressing and SUCKS.

I haven't watched Jon and Kate at all - but I don't envy their situation, and how much do you think the fact that every move of theirs was televised had to contribute to the demise of their marriage?