Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

I hope you meant what you said when you wanted one :)  I didn't order it until today though, so this will have to do for your big birthday surprise!

I didn't post about it...but Joey did GREAT for my birthday.  He totally surprised me with a massage and a spa treatment (which I still get to redeem....wahoo!)  He even let the kids pick out gifts for me too.  So I felt like I ought to return the favor.  Joe has been working SO hard on our backyard.  Seriously, like almost every spare minute, providing it's light and not raining outside, since sometime in February.  So I told him he deserved something really great.  This is what he I hope he really wanted one!  


Rae said...

I'm excited for him, because it's so much fun. You guys should get Wii Fit! That one is awesome. :)

rachaeljanae said...

Seth got an Xbox a few years ago. It's one of his few outlets. Good gift!

Kate said...

Happy Birthday. We have XBOX 360 and we love it.