Monday, June 8, 2009

It's always the same

If you are a salesperson....I don't hate you ;)  But can I just say I hate salespeople?  It's always the same.  So I got this phone call the other day..."because you answered our survey you won a "prize", spend $250 in groceries, get $250 in groceries.  All you have to do is let our demonstrator come in and show you our product and let us know what you think.  No pressure to buy anything....blah blah, BLAH!!!!!"  Ok, so we've had our fair share of the Kirby Guys, and the Water Softener guys to know it's not that simple, but it's really hard to pass up $250 of groceries right????  45 -60 minutes tops.  Oh and they are only around until Monday.  We are busy for the weekend and Monday is family night, but we can do 45 minutes.  Something inside of me says...don't do it know it won't be worth it...OK, Monday at 7 will be fine.

7 PM Monday night, Adam shows up.  Very nice guy, genuine, asks about our family, work, SUU, lets us rave about how much we love that.  Blah blah, BLAH!  Gets down to business of the Air Purifier and Vaccum Cleaner sold by Filter Queen.  Great product...oh and by the way, Kirby is no good, just so you know... Their demos are all gimmicks.  Anyway, two hours later we are still ushering him out the door.  It went from $3500, to $3000, to $2400 to $2000.  Oh but we can finance you at 20% interest.  Oh, but I can say you gave me referrals, even though you didn't and knock another $600 off (wink, wink).  Blah, blah, BLAH!  Let me say, seemed like a great product, it really did.  But we're not making a $2000 decision tonight...sorry!!!  Plus, we can't afford it anyway, so the answer is no.  

So my "prize".  Haven't looked at it all the way yet, but it's a "$3000 Saving Certificate" (I'm sure to make up for the $3000 I'll be spending on the vaccumn.)  The grocery savings...and I quote:  "Visit our Grocery Section and we will show you how to cut your grocery bill by 30 - 70%.  We will teach you how to use a coupon on most purchases and how to become a "smart shopper" and beat the Grocery Stores at their own "Game".  It is easy, fun and it will only take a few extra minutes per week... you can shop in the same grocery store and you can buy the same products... the only difference... you pay a whole lot less!  Our Grocery Savings System has been featured on Syndicated National TV Shows.  You may have actually seen us on late night TV purchasing $100 or more worth of groceries for $10 or under.  No we cannot promise you 90% savings, but we can promise that if you will put in an extra 10 - 15 minutes on your grocery shopping per week we can help you cut your grocery bill by an average of 35% or more. Shop and save with coupons at over 127,000 supermarkets nationwide. "

Ok, so I haven't logged on yet to see if there's anything more to it, but did any of you catch that....they want to show me how to use coupons?  I just wasted two hours of not just my own, but my husband and children's lives for someone to show me how to use COUPONS???????  *(&*^&*%^&$%#^$%#$%^@#$%#$%^ ??????????????  (If you haven't been reading my blog, let me just say, I know coupons are valuable and worthwhile, it's been my latest obsession). And actually, my sisters ended up both coming over as well for fun, to visit us, so I wasted two hours of their time too.  So four adults, each of worth at least $20 an hour, plus two kids, time with them invaluable, but we should charge them $20 an hour for them as well.  6 x 2 x $20, $ you think if I bill them they'd pay up?  If I got a $250 grocery certificate it would have been worth it.  Having received information on how to use coupons?  Not so much.  It's what I get for trying to get something for nothing.  The prophet has warned against that and there are reasons why I suppose. :)


chrissy said...

Wow. Really? That's lame. I would call and complain about it. It's not what they promised you. You held up your end of the bargain, they should hold up theirs. Or complain to the better business bureau.

Tiffany said...

So incredibly frustrating! I'm sorry. I know the Whole shpeel about the kirby and water softener guys too. We did end up actually buying the water softener. =) And the Tristar guy (vacuum) actually did pay up with 4 bottles of Small and Mighty ALL detergent for us listening to him. But I hate them too. I feel your pain. Send them a bill and tell them that it was supposed to be 45-60 minutes and was way longer! And you didn't get your $250 worth of groceries! I would totally call and complain!

Anna said...

I'd call and demand a gift certificate for 250. Well I [robably wouldn't but boy would I want too! And tell t hem how you blogged about your bad experience.

Jason and Andrea Wilcock said...

I would call or write and complain too! I learned my lesson a few months ago from letting a Kirby guy come into our home...who was 90 minutes late, showed up at 9:30 PM and stayed for 1 1/2 and we basically had to escort him out the door at 11 PM! I was so mad, I did get online and write Kirby a letter. Anyways, FUN salespeople...I tried to be nice since I experienced Convergys.

CONGRATS with being pregnant! I'm so EXCITED for you!!! Looks like you had a great time in California.

Oh and by the way, I need you to help me garden. We are trying to garden up here in Heber...not working. It is freezing cold!

Andrea said...

How annoying!

Janae said...

congratulations on the upcomming baby! Wow you are a super mom, fun California trip too. Laura and I are here blogstalking your cute blog. Love, Janae and Laura Jean