Saturday, June 6, 2009

Can I get a "do-over" please?

Have you ever done something that you I could wake up and THAT was a dream?  I have had many of those moments in my life.  Stupid things I've said or done, sometimes on purpose, usually out of reaction to something.  Most often they pass before too long and it's not a real big deal.  Sometimes though they linger and haunt you.  The older I get the more I realize how human just about everyone is.  (Although I do have a hard time imagining the prophet doing very many of the "human" things/mistakes that I do :)  Although at times it's a hard lesson, I think in the end I feel a little kinder and more forgiving of others.  But man if I could just be a little more would be so much easier, wouldn't it?  Anyway, enough of this rambling for tonight.


Jaclyn said...

I'm sure I'm just out of it but when I just checked your blog today I saw your baby ticker - congratulations. Sorry it is a little belated. And I wish I had a do over button every day. For the fun things so I can enjoy them again and for the stupid things so I can go back and not do them. I wish we came into this life with a little more knowledge then we did. BTW, can I ask one more stupid question... do you guys live in Cedar City? I'm sure you've told me, I just forget exactly where you are these days.

Tiffany said...

All the time I wish that! I agree with Jaclyn about the do over button. Enjoy the great things again and not do the dumb things! =)