Friday, May 1, 2009

"I am SO not 'earthy'..."

That is the exact phrase I remember thinking to myself a little over 8 years ago when I took my first Yoga class.  I had a membership at Gold's Gym here in Cedar and decided to try it.  I remember feeling a little embarrassed about going because I had these notions of what Yoga was and the type of people that practiced it.  Somehow I fell in love with Yoga.  And through the years some of my preconceptions have been proved true, but I have gained so much personally from my practice of Yoga.  OK, let me say here, I don't really "practice" Yoga like I would like to.  I mostly just go to classes sometimes often, sometimes not at all for months on end because I don't have time.  But one day, in my ideal world I will practice Yoga more.

I started out just loving the way I felt physically.  There's a lot of stretching and movement.  You can do a more "power yoga" approach that gets your heart pumping or just focus on the stretching aspect of it.  I used to have a lot of back pain (when I was young, 19, 20, 21).  That's where I carry all my stress.  But when I started to do Yoga on a regular basis my back pain went away, I slept better and I was in much better physical shape.  

Lately I've been more into the meditation and relaxation part of it.  I think those "earthy" people are onto something with feeling centered and focused.  I attended a Kundalini Yoga workshop tonight.  It was unlike any other Yoga I've ever done, but a lot of that energy focus and meditation stuff.  Although I don't think it's my everyday type of Yoga I loved it.  It was like going to a motivational speaker and just getting "pumped up".

I've been thinking for a while about getting certified to teach Yoga.  I think it might be the time.  The daycare is doing SO well.  Almost too well some days.  I have a lot going on with that.  I think I could use the time away to focus on doing something to keep myself healthy and well.  There is a studio here in town that has an excellent program.  So stay tuned.  And if you see me and I seem more "at peace" instead of stressed out...maybe you'll know why :).  

Seriously if you haven't tried it, you ought to.  I think a lot of LDS folks shy away because it seems so foreign and almost like a religion.  It's not.  There may be people that use it for that, but really I think the ideas of Yoga are very much in line with LDS principles.  I have noticed in several recent General Conference talks they have talked about taking time to meditate and how that can help us grow closer to Christ.  And it's probably not for everyone, but you might want to try it out if you never have.


Lara said...

My mom is a yogi, and I love it. I also love how she tells her classes at BYU to just hang the yoga principles on the plan of salvation, rather than having them become their own religion,, if that makes sense.

I haven't done yoga in a while. I really have to go to a class, because I won't do it by myself unless my back pain is unbearable. But it is amazing that just one session usually clears the back pain up amazingly well.

Anna said...

Oh I miss doing yoga. It's only offerred once a week, at night at our Golds right now, and I need a good instructor. Getting certified sounds fun.