Friday, May 8, 2009

The boy and his playground

Tyler L.O.V.E.S. the playground.  We are just two blocks away from the elementary which has a great set up, even for little ones.  Tyler would spend all day there I think if we'd let him.  Currently we are limited to after school however because we have tried to go during the day and inevitably the big kids always come out and craziness ensues (for me anyway...trying to keep track of 8 or so little ones amidst 25 or so others...).  He is just so full of energy I think the physical aspect of the whole thing is therapeutic to him.  It is really great, except when it's time to leave when pure joy gives way to MELT DOWN.  Hopefully with the summer will come much more time at the playground and he won't be so upset when it's time to go home.  (Ha Ha, I have to say to myself...)


chrissy said...

I totally get it! We live at the park as soon as it warms up every year. The only thing I'm ticked about is the new skate park they built down the street in the neighborhood. I guess it's a great way to keep kids out of trouble by giving them somewhere to go, but then I have to put up with rude 9-16 year old boys, with all the horrible language that comes with it. I'm sure my kids have heard more of the "F" word since that park has gone up than they would have their whole lives! Rrrg... I can't wait till school's out so we can just go to the school playgrounds.

Heather said...

how do you handle that many kids all on your own...every day? you are awesome!