Sunday, May 31, 2009

California Trip

We had so much fun in Cali (again!). This is the third time Joey and I have been able to go since October and the second time we've taken the kids. Before you believe we are totally just spoiled...the first trip was "free" because of a time share presentation we had attended. The second trip was "free" because we had a bad experience with the hotel on the first trip, so they gave us a free room and we had family getting sealed in the San Diego temple so it was the perfect excuse. We had wanted to take Tyler to Disneyland for his first time sometime this fall but...I'm pregnant! So we didn't want to go when I was 7 months along and huge so decided to just go this month. It was so fun. It's great at my house. Joey grew up in Southern California until he was 12, so he's kind of a Disneyland lover, which means we go as much as we can. I love visiting California. I wouldn't want to live there, but it's kind of addicting. I feel like now... well maybe we could go when I'm 7 months pregnant :) The first two trips were to San Diego. This time, we stayed in Orange County. Monday we left at 4 AM and drove straight to the beach spending a few hours there. Tuesday was California Adventure and Wednesday we spent at Disneyland. We survived with only a few meltdowns and had a great time.
Tyler with Aunt Karmie.  The kids both LOVED the beach. 

Joey's favorite past time at Disneyland...running the video camera.  His dad was kind of a video camera freak and I think Joey has picked that up.  He loves to document stuff on camera.
The kids loved Bug's Land in California Adventure.  Kelley thought this was so great because of the candy corn on stalks...just like real corn.  I like this area of CA because it's a lot less crowded than similar rides at Disneyland.
Joey and I in the Hollywood Backlot
When people asked what Tyler did at Disneyland he says he saw Mater and Lighting McQueen.
The kids in their coordinating outfits.  We bought the kids ears that just happened to coordinate with their Christmas Fleeces we bought them.  Tyler's of course got lost halfway through the day.
Tyler's favorite ride was the Carousel.  The lines were really short so we were able to go at least twice every time we rode...which had to be at least 5 or 6 times between the two parks.  He actually also amazingly loved the Go Coaster in Toon Town.  The train was (obviously) a big hit and he like Dumbo too.  He really didn't love all the kiddie rides (snow white, Mr. Toad).  They actually are quite scary all in the dark with the spooky music and lights...
Tyler wasn't at all into the characters.  He didn't really have a desire to see anyone, besides cars, but he kind of loves Pooh Bear.  It's pretty funny because he doesn't really watch Pooh that much, but has this Pooh Bear blankie he's had since he was born.  So I talked him into saying hi because of that.  He refused to say hi to Tigger though who was just around the corner.
Kelley had a great time seeing the princesses.  It was actually quite ridiculous.  The line at the Princess Faire where they always have a few took us over an hour and half to get through!  She got to see Mulan, Ariel and Snow White there.  We got lucky though by the Tiki Room and found Jasmine and Aladdin with hardly anyone in line there.  These guys were really cute and Aladdin was so sweet with Kelley.
California Adventure closed at 6 PM the first day, so we got to go back to the hotel and relax a little.  By the time we got to Disneyland though I think it was a bit much for the kids.  This is about 6 PM that evening.  They survived for a few more hours after this, but I think it was time to go home!

By the way...I'm almost 11 weeks along, I can't believe no one has noticed my little "announcement" on the sidebar...oh well.  I'm due December 22, but my kids were 10 days and 2.5 weeks early.  We aren't going to find out what we are having until they are born.  I'm already in maternity clothes.  Totally depressing, but that's what happens I suppose.


Cameron and Nonie Gay said...

Congratulations darling! It's about time you caught up to me again. ;) We had the same timing going on with first two, and then you waited. Oh, wait. Our kids have never met. Isn't that strange. Perhaps I should stop over on my way to st. George next week...I think I shall. Love ya!

chrissy said...

Oh my gosh, congratulations! I use google reader to check on blogs, so I didn't even see the floating baby.

rachaeljanae said...

Congratulations! I'm pushing for Dec 21, then you can name her after me:)

Anna said...

How long has the little announcement been there? I totally didn't see it. Your Disney trip looks like a lot of fun. IT makes me want to take my kids sooner rahter than keep waiting. But it will have to wait awhile. Congratulations again!

Frances said...

That is so exciting! I like December 29th better. Besides, Frances is a family name!

Kate said...

Congratulations!!! I am so excited for you. Disneyland was a blast for us and I bet your kids loved it too, wish we could have seen you there but nice to see Karmin. Hope you are feeling good.