Thursday, January 21, 2010

Valentine's Play List

I don't feel very talented at the whole gift giving thing. Especially with Joey. Most of what I can think to get him I don't dare because it's electronics or tools or something else I don't know anything about. He's pretty picky about what he wants with that type of thing too, so unless I know exactly what that is, I don't dare just buy it. But I'm trying to get better and come up with thoughtful gifts. So last year I put together a play list for him. A little sappy perhaps, but it IS Valentine's and I ended up really liking the final product. So much so that I made copies of it for several other people too. With the holiday looming I figured maybe some of you could use it ;) Also I am curious to see if you have any you would add to this list. What are your favorite romantic songs? Keep in mind I'm not looking for the classics here for the most part. As much as I love "From this moment on" and "Everything I do..." I can hear them on the radio any given Saturday and am more interested in a song I maybe haven't ever heard before. (That being said, many of these are pretty popular songs....but whatever....)

Let me know your suggestions...I really want to know! Oh, and if you have any fabulous ideas for Valentine's gifts for the hubs for THIS year I'd love those ideas too ;)

Some of these I already had. The others I just bought off of iTunes or

1 -I'm Yours by Jason Mraz
2 - Lucky by Jason Mraz with Colbit Calliat
*My sister found this song first. I don't know if it was ever released on the radio or not. When I bought these two songs I just bought his whole album because I was getting more than one song off it...I'm not sure I would suggest that. It's alright, but these are really the only two songs I listen to much.
3 - Love Me Tender by Brandi Carlile and Chris Isaak
*This is off the "Elvis:Viva Las Vegas" movie soundtrack. This I would suggest buying for sure. There's TONS of great songs on this track with about half of them sung by Elvis. The rest are remakes like this one. I like remakes because they give great songs a fresh feel.
4 - Can't Help Falling in Love by the A*Teens
*Another Elvis remake, but this is actually off the Lilo and Stitch Soundtrack, which is also fabulous...
5 - Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts
*Can I just say I LOVE these guys?
6 - The Colour of my Love by Celine Dion
*This was our wedding song. Joey is an artist, so the words of the song make me smile. I think it is a great song and can't believe it never made it to the radio...but that also means it was never one of those ginormous Celine Dion songs that was way overplayed :)
7 - Bella's Lullaby (Piano Version) from the Twilight Soundtrack
*Just don't tell him where it's from. If he likes Piano music he'll probably like it
8 - Save the Last Dance for Me by Michael Buble
9 - How Sweet it Is by Michael Buble
*There's probably a lot more by him that would work...I would also suggest his albums
10 - Rainbow Connection by Kermit THE Frog
*This one was just for fun. Yes, I put it on there really :)
11- God Gave me You by Brian White
12 - When you Say Nothing at All by Alison Krauss
13 - I Get a Kick out of You by Frank Sinatra
14 - The Way I Am by Ingrid Michaelson
*I really like her, but don't know a lot of her stuff yet.
15 - It's A Love Thing by Keith Urban
16 - This Everyday Love by Rascall Flatts
17 - How Deep is Your Love by the BeeGees

Others I might add if I did it again:

I never saw Blue Like That by Shawn Colvin (from the Runaway Bride Soundtrack)
Looking Through Your Eyes by LeAnn Rimes (from the Quest for Camelot Soundtrack)
Best Years of Our Lives by Baha Men (from the Shrek Soundtrack)
You Belong to Me by Jason Wade (also from Shrek)
Better Together by Jack Johnson


Tiffany said...

One song that means a lot to Codey and I is Keeper of the Stars by Tracy Byrd. And Me and You by Kenney Chesney. That was our wedding song. I'll have to listen to those that you put on there. They sound awesome!

midRae said...

The for sure one I would have to add for myself and midman is 'I Cross My Heart.' by George Strait. It's our anthem.

Kate said...

These are all great ideas. I love the songs. One that Mike and I enjoy is "You're my Home" by Billy Joel and " Everything I do I do it for you" by Bryan Adams. If you want some more ideas for Valentine's day look at my Valentine's postings for last year. I have one with a huge list of romantic ideas or Valentine ideas.

Sherilyn said...

I lobe the song Colour of My Love by Celine. I din't know anyone else had heard of the song. Great choice

Audrey said...

Love the songs that Tiffany and Rae mentioned (in fact I think I had all of them on my wedding mix that I put together before I got married. Have to say that I love Valentine by Martina McBride and Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer :)