Tuesday, January 19, 2010

See what I mean?

Kelley is so sweet about the baby. She always wants to hold her and love her and haul her around the house. But she's starting to think SHE is her mother...not me ;) A few highlights:

The other day I was in the kitchen and Maren started fussing. She was on the couch. Kelley was right there. I started to go get her when Kelley said "No no mom, don't you worry...I got her."

A few days after that I was changing her clothes or something so she was fussing a little. Kelley firmly tells me: "Give her to me mom, I'll calm her down."

Later that same afternoon I was folding laundry and Kelley comes and sits next to me. She's holding the baby and starts rocking her back and forth telling me "see mom, if you rock your body back and forth like this she calms down."

Do I seem that incompetent to her? It really just makes me laugh actually. Maren has been quite an easy baby so far. If she's fussy she will almost always calm right down if you pick her up. If that doesn't work you probably just need to feed or change her. So it's not like she's fussy much in the first place and then she's easy to make happy. Well, at least Kelley feels confident in her role as big sister.

Quote of the day from Tyler: After feeling his own eyeball - "Touch my little eyeball mom, it's nice!"

Following is a script of a conversation that occurred between Tyler and his cousin Remington, who is just a few months older than him. This happened back in November. They were playing a video game, either Lego Indiana Jones or Lego Batman. I can't remember now what it was. Either way, it's funny to me what little kiddos come up with. They were choosing what characters they were going to be:

Tyler: Do you want to be a girl or a boy?
Remington: I want to be a boy.
Tyler: Girls are cute. Do you want to be a girl?
Remington: No, I want to be a boy
Tyler: Your a boy called Remington?
Remington: Yes.


Tyler: We're both being girls
Remington: Yeah!
Tyler: I'm going to be a happy girl
Remington: I'm going to be a mad girl
Tyler: I'm going to be a mad girl....

Tyler: We're both being cute girls.


rachaeljanae said...

Tell her it's her turn to get up in the middle of the night with the baby. Or better yet, get her changing diapers. There's got to be a way to capitalize on that.

Jamie Jo said...

Tyler is a crack up! That's sweet about Kelley and Maren.

Lauren said...

very cute to have a great helper with the baby. About the blog, I'm against private blogs but if you go private make an e-mail list that you send an e-mail to when you post a new post. Otherwise I NEVER check private blogs.

Jaclyn said...

That is too cute. She can always come help with my Maren, I can use an extra pair of hands. jaclynethomas at hotmail dot com in case you're still thinking about going private.

Tiffany said...

Talia is the same way! They just want to think that they are the only ones with the special touch. Seriously I think Logan thinks Talia is him mom too! She takes him everywhere! But at least he likes her, I guess! That helps things. =) Kelley is so cute with her!

Kristy said...

I love these pictures!