Friday, January 1, 2010

This year's "Christmas" Poem

It is a tradition in Joe's family to write a poem every year to go with Christmas Cards. The first few years we were married we actually got them out in Christmas Cards before the holiday, if only just barely. I'm pretty sure there's been a few years lately that were more like New Years poems. Last year he finished the poem on Christmas Eve and I'm pretty sure we just put it up on our blog, nothing else. Well this year Joe actually got it finished a few days before Christmas, but we got busy and now almost two weeks later I'm finally getting to posting it. Joey is the author of this little masterpiece. I think he gets better every year he does it. Hope you enjoy the sum up of our years events!

Hello again all you reading this from far and near,
It's another poem from the DeGraafs you get to hear.
I don't know why so long ago Dad started this rhyme,
But I swear as each year goes by it kicks by behine. (phonetically spelled)
After writing these things for ten years you see,
It's hard to stop, so here we go - please endure with me...

Our family has grown bigger this year that is quite true,
Katie Maren DeGraaf is our newest and has joined our little crew.
She came to us quite quickly just a few short days ago, (December 14)
If she had come any quicker, Kristy would have had her in the snow.*

Tyler turned 4 in November - he has grown a bunch,
He is the sweetest boy, but really packs a punch.
He's really into Batman and playing Lego Indiana Jones,
If we try to get him to do anything else he really wails and moans.

Kelley is in first grade this year, she is learning all she can,
She has found a talent in visual art - just like her old man.
Ballet is her newest thing for now, she's really having a blast.
Looking at our pocketbook I hope that it can last.

Kristy's working on the daycare - next year is number three.
She's so loving with those kids, a better Mom there cannot be.
She's bumped it up again this year with a brand new preschool program,
Twelve hours a day washing, cleaning, teaching and doing everything she can.
(With help from Misty our sister who I really must thank, I don't think Kristy could have dont it without her.)

Joey's still at SUU, the greatest school in the land!
He really loves his coworkers and thinks they're grand.
He spent half the year this year redecorating the yard,
Six tons of dirt he shoveled, seven would've been too hard.

Well we hope this note finds all of you well and with good cheer,
We wish to thank all of those who showed their love to us this year.
Please know of our love for you as we head for Two Thousand Ten,
And if you are passing by please come see us now and then.

With Love -

Maren, Tyler, Kelley, Kristy and Joey
*You can read the whole story and our other adventures on

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