Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tyler's Life

Best buds!
Tyler at the Gateway Fountains. He had a blast and LOVED it when they went from mild squirting fountains to the big jets!

Tyler is a ball of fire. I have a hard time knowing whether to kill him or kiss him to death sometimes. He has this little sneaky streak sometimes. Like today for instance I found him under the table with a thing of yogurt. So at my house I always have to have the kids ask before they get something, because I can't have 10 kids getting whatever they want out of the fridge whenever they want. So with the yogurt...do I take it as defiance or independence? He wants a glass of milk...he gets one...but quietly while he knows I'm busy with something else. He is getting better at asking most of the time, but not always.

He also has this thing with my erasers and white out pens. If he finds one, he destroys it in two seconds flat. Several months ago I found him with our new batch of pencils...all of the erasers chewed off. He did it again to just a few of them a few weeks ago at which point I threatened him with his life. So I finally just threw in the towel and bought one of those big pink erasers so I could actually use the pencils I have. I left that thing on the couch for seriously two minutes and I come back to it half chewed up! AHHHHHH! He has done the same thing with every single one of the white out pens I have. He finds them and first thing...does he try to write with it, see what it does? No....he pulls the tape out so it's totally unfixable and useless. And it's always when they are brand new. It can be hiding in my desk drawer in the office or buried under all the pens in the pen holder on the counter, totally out of his way. But he still finds a ways to destroy it. It's just a little thing...but it is so irritating sometimes.

He is very sweet though as well. He LOVES "raspberries" and will bare his tummy whenever he thinks about it because bare tummies get raspberries (blowing hard on bare skin). He gets yesterday and tomorrow mixed up all the time. His new way of telling me he has to go potty is "My tummy feel me hurt". If I'm asking him to do something and I repeat the request he will emphatically tell me " I NAM!" He's picked up on Kelley's phrase "I want you mommy" when he's tired or sad. Yesterday it was really cute because he said that, but then added "I want you with my pooh bear blanket" and ran to get it before I picked him up. Yes, he's still attached to that blanket, although not past the point of no return I don't think. He can hold it together if it's in the wash for the night or something, but he does love it. Anyway, he likes to bring the blanket to me and have me lay it over my shoulder while he lays on it...especially in the mornings when he first gets up. I love that about him. And I think we have finally broken him of the habit of crawling into bed with us in the middle of the night!!!!! We would almost get there and then he'd get sick or something and it was just easier to let him sleep with us. But it's been a week or more that he's been in his own bed all night. If he does come in the middle of the night, I just send him to the potty and back to his own bed and he goes without a fuss!

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