Thursday, April 9, 2009

What do I even say?

It has been a rough day.  I was going to elaborate, but I will spare you the whiny details :).  I feel very whiny lately.  Most of my problems are caused by bad habits of yours truly.  I go to bed too late, I get distracted too easily, I eat too much, don't exercise, let clutter build up...

I used to be so much more optimistic and lighthearted.  I feel stressed out almost all the time...not in the way I did in college, but in a more encompassing kind of way.  I'm always thinking about my messy house, the laundry, what people think of me.  I feel crabby and whiny.  I feel like walking up to the Heavenly "Order Here" counter and saying "I would like a new heart please.  Can I get that with thankfulness, patience and perfection please?"  

OK, so that said...I'm ready to move on.  I feel really done with this stressed out stage.  New attitude starting now.  We're going to the temple tomorrow and I'm really excited about that.

Random post I know.  What are blogs for though?


Rae said...

S'okay. Just view this as your not-so-favorite season, and you're starting a new season now. :) It's okay. We're human. We vascillate easily between stress and peaceful times. Such is life. Don't be so hard on yourself!

Kate said...

I remember when I was so stressed out about my house and what people thought, and it took me FOREVER to get over that. I finally decided that if they don't like my house I guess they aren't worth my friendship. I know it is a lot harder than it sounds to just not let it bother you. I still get stressed out about it sometimes but usually I don't have choice but to let things slide. Good luck, and keep smiling.