Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Can you relate?

Things I have not done yet today that I probably should have (3 minutes to go though!):

Cleaned up Tyler's trains (all over the living room floor)
Mopped the bathroom or kitchen floor (much needed)
Shampooed the carpets 
Put away the groceries all over my kitchen floor
Cleaned up the mess I started to make when I was "cleaning" my bathroom this afternoon while all the kids slept.
Folded the 3 loads of laundry I washed today.
Hung up the kids clothes from the last few days of laundry
Folded up blankets from daycare naptime
Dinner dishes
Vacuumed the living room
Organized my receipts/leftover coupons from tonight's trip to Albertson's
Updated my vastly overdue food program stuff
Double checked the receipt for my daycare mom
Cleaned the kids' bathroom
Got costumes ready for the kids' talent show tomorrow (yikes!)
Nap ;(
Schedule someone to aerate/fertilize the lawn

Things I did:

SURVIVED!  (Mostly with a smile :)

Oops, times up for today now!  Unfortunately he grocery fairy won't put away the frozen food...


Jaclyn said...

Story of my life. But at least you (and the rest of them) survived. That is all that matters.

Lara said...

Oh yes, can I ever relate.

My house is a pig sty right now.

Anna said...

Hmm sounds a lot like my house. It really is nice to knwo I'm not the only one.

Tiffany said...

That sounds like me everyday! You know everytime I go to the bathroom, which is a lot lately, I think, "wow, this floor needs cleaned.....maybe someday I'll get around to it" You just remember you are not the only one that is like that. We are all slobs!! =-)LOL!!

Shanna said...

Oh...the story of my life! Especially the last year. I am happy you survived :)

Kate said...

Does it seem like when you clean up it is just messy again immediately? Some times it is so overwhelming. Have a great week. Did you get some great deals?