Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Coupon Class Next Tuesday for sure!

UPDATE #2:  OK, so we're just going to do it Tuesday.  That works the best for me.  If you can't come I can give her your name if you'd like to host a party or get handouts for you and show you how I've been doing mine...again, let me know if you are coming here.  Thanks!

UPDATE****OK, so after I posted this I was thinking about it and I know Cyndie wanted to come, but she has Young Women's.  So instead I'm taking a poll.  Would Tuesday or Wednesday work better for you for the class????  Please let me know and then I'll let the gal that's coming know.  Thanks!


OK - So I've set everything up for next Tuesday for the coupon class.  It's going to be at 7 PM.  My husband has scouts and I'm sure some of you will have the same problem.  Just come bring your kids and we'll do a big movie party for them in my room.  Leave a comment if you can come at that time so I can let her know how many handouts to bring.  I hope this works for everyone.  Fun times!


Audrey said...

I can come next Tuesday, just make sure to remind me :)

Lara said...

I can only come on Tuesday. Maybe Cyndie can bring the Young Women and call it an activity about learning frugality? :)

Kristy said...


You are the most thrify person I know... I seriously need you to do my budget...

Sorry, if I was in Cedar, I'd go.


Kate said...

Is this the same class that Mandy had before? If not I might be able to make it, if it is I probably know what I need to know. Let me know

The Utah Bubble said...

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Kate said...

I am planning on coming, I think I might actually sign up. Do you think it is very worth it?