Friday, October 22, 2010


OK, so it's been forever. The reason? For those of you haven't heard, we've moved. We moved to a beautiful house three miles from our old house. Oh, and it's almost three times the size...woot hoo! It is still in our ward and it is PERFECT in every other way, well perfect for us. It is "lived in" and has a few issues, but we still LOVE it! Unfortunately we are just renting it for now. We have put in an offer and are waiting to hear back from the bank. It is a short sale, so it will probably still be a while. We are hoping it's a while anyway. We have to wait at least until our 2010 taxes are done so we can show we make enough money at the home business. We're also trying to tuck away every penny we can. Because even though we've been talking about doing something like this for years, we just barely started saving for it...ha ha! But it's been a really neat experience for us. Joey and I both have felt strongly this is the thing for us to do. We're not sure how it will work out, just that it will work out for our good somehow. And that's all we need to know.

Everyone keeps asking us what we are doing with our old house. We do "own" it. (And by own I mean we owe more to the bank than it's a long shot! Ha ha!) Anyway, we'll be renting it out. We actually have a family member moving in November or December. So we've been able to take our time moving out. Which is mostly a good thing. Both houses have so much to do and so much goes undone. We are also in the process of moving my child care license. Can I tell you it's a PAIN in the butt? When I say process, I mean it's a long process. But that's all the complaining I'll do here. At this point, I'm hopeful my new license will be in place by the time my old license expires in November. And then the FUN begins here. I'm so excited about having space dedicated just to the daycare. One of these days I'll post pictures and give you the visual tour. Maybe. But probably not until my life slows down. So maybe never. Or if you live close come by and I'll give you the real tour!

Maren's 10 months old now. She can sign milk (that's her favorite), more and all done. She says mama, kitty, ty ty, kelsha, daddy and hi. She loves to dance and she can wash her hands. It's just about the cutest thing you've seen. She's seen the daycare kids do it so much she knows just what to do. Oh and I almost forgot. She can do peekabo. It started as the one handed type, but now she'll cover her face with both her tiny hands when you ask "where's maren?" Then she moves her hands and says "de da do!" It's adorable.

Tyler is loving preschool. It seems to be helping his behavior. But there are still many days when I just want to lock him in a closet....the one in the downstairs basement so I won't be able to hear him yelling at me. On the other hand he's also very free to tell me I'm the best mom ever and he loves me so much when he's getting something he wants. It's a learning process for both of us every day. I think we'll both survive.

Kelley loves school and can't seem to live without her friends. I am not kidding when I say the instant that her little friends leave and daycare is over, she's begging to go play or invite someone over. It just about kills her when kids her age don't come at all to daycare. She lives a deprived life. Latest news...she will be singing in the Christmas Choir for the Shakespearean Festival Playmakers version of the Christmas Carol. It's a much less expensive way to let her be involved in the arts than they ballet we did last year. Don't get me wrong, the ballet was awesome and if it weren't for this house, we'd probably let her do it again, but this is better for now. Besides, I think she'll really enjoy this also.

In any event, I promised Joe I'd finally try to get my clothes put away. They've been sitting in laundry baskets and open dresser drawers in our room since we moved in three weeks ago. With that...good night!


rachaeljanae said...

I just put my last box of clothes away yesterday. It's been 6 months! Can't wait to see pictures!

Anna said...

So excited for you! I look forward to seeing your new house- someday. I was going to ask if you needed renters, since I know someone looking. But I see you've got that all in order. Congratulations on your big move!

Sherrie said...

Congrats on the new home! Hope everything else works out.

Burt Fam said...

Excited to have you in the neighborhood! I've been leaving you alone because I guessed you'd been busy (I do not envy the two-house shuffle...especially with a daycare to run), but when things settle down, holler and we can take the kiddos for a walk around the block or something. Until then, my offer to have your kids come over to play in the evening so you and Joey can get more done still stands. Call anytime.