Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I took the kids into get flu shots today. Didn't tell Tyler before hand what we were doing, but he didn't flip out. I got mine first and then Kelley and then Tyler. I had told them, as is par for the shot course, that they could have ice cream if they were brave. Neither one of them let out a peep at all. Later Tyler was telling me about it and he told me "I scrummed a little in my head, but it didn't come out". It took me a minute before I realized he was trying to put the word scream in past tense. I've been laughing about it all night.

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Jaclyn said...

I hadn't checked up on you in a while so it was fun to read about what you've been doing. That is fantastic about the house. I hope everything works out for you, it is nice to have a little breathing room (although if you're like me, no matter what room you're in it is still filled with children). I can't beleive all of the words Maren can say. My Dolly just turned one last week and she is only up to mom and dad. But to be honest I'm not in a rush for her to speak becuase I was with the twins and now I rarely enjoy what comes out of their mouths :)

I hope you get some rest, you're a rockstar.