Friday, October 1, 2010

Kelley the Lionhearted

I have a darling girl at my house. Her name is Kelley and she is a sweetheart. She has always been a lovey girl. Maybe it's that she's now 7 and entering the "drama" phase, but sometimes she's more kindhearted and thoughtful than words can describe. She is always careful to think about how others feel and reminding me to be more loving and gentle. She truly is an example to me and I am grateful every day to have her in my life.

Two years ago, when she was still toothless in front, she donated her hair after I cut mine. We talked about how it would help women with cancer.

Since then she's talked about doing it again, because of her librarian who has cancer. She hasn't done it yet, I think she's fallen in love with her long hair and decided it's worth fixing every day.

Kelley is 08 with short hair, no teeth and a mouthful of food...ha ha!
So last week we were driving home from somewhere with her cousin and she bursts out into tears. Her librarian was apparently leaving the very next day and they might not ever see her again. She had to go home and get cancer treatments. She was truly upset. I suggested she write her a note to tell her how much she's enjoyed knowing her and this is what she came up with:

Yeah, I know it's sideways. Tried to fix that, didn't work. But here's what it said "I am sorry that yor sick. I am really sad that you have to go away. I love that you add so much detail to the stories you read to us and you've been so kind to us and our teacher. But I ges it's betr if you stay at hom. I'll mis you so muche.
PS Please visit back. Kelley"

Then she wrote this "You whll find a ltl somtheing on the back"
She also recently got some bath crayons from her auntie. This was her creation using said crayons:
It says: Kelley Tyler {heart} Mommy and Kelsha. Ilastrated by Kelley.

I {heart} you too dolly!!!!!

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Rae said...

Oh man. This made me cry! I'm definitely being a boob today, but wow. Your sweet, sweet Kelley....