Tuesday, May 25, 2010

(Whispering): Is She cRaZY?

Why yes...yes I am, and thank you for asking!

Some days I really do feel like I am about half nuts. Today it's the "oh my...what have you gotten yourself into..." nuts, not the "I'm seriously going crazy!" nuts... I suppose the first is better than the latter, but still...crazy's crazy!

Curious yet?

Last year we did a mini triathlon at SUU. We trained for 5 weeks and I actually survived. It ended up being a lot of fun and Joe and I had big plans to do more afterwards. We were ready and had a great start on training plans! Well, the next week Joey got the worst case of food poisoning I have EVER seen (either that or he was being super dramatic! ;). Regardless, the training came to a screeching halt. Then a few weeks later we found out I was pregnant and we just never quite got the energy to start the running/swimming/biking again. But we kept talking about it. We had it all mapped out for this year to do one a month starting with a warm-up Duathlon in February or March. That went by, and the next one in April went by.

Joey finally decided he had enough and signed us up for the Utah Summer Games. That is right folks, in less than three weeks we will be doing the Sprint Triathlon at the USG. We actually signed up a few weeks ago so had 6 or 7 weeks notice instead of 5. However now I'm down to 3 weeks and I am sure I will probably drown.

I can probably get through the biking and running alright. I probably won't even be last! But swimming is another story. Swimming is by FAR my weakest area. I can keep from drowning usually, but am really slow. And this is in open water. And it's the first leg of things. In some ways this is good. I will be "fresh" and ready to go, but I'm going to be SO far behind everyone else to start out with. Don't get me wrong, I have no high hopes of winning or even being in the first half of people, but would really like not to be last...

How I WISH that healthy choices weren't such a battle for me. They truly are. I feel like it's a constant struggle. If I can get into the groove I actually start to crave healthier foods and enjoy exercising. I do feel strong when I can get conditioned a little and am not huffing and puffing in the first five minutes. After the tri last year I felt really great about what I had done and was so excited to keep making progress!

But most of the time I want my Oatmeal Cookies, peanut butter M & Ms, cheese, any dessert with chocolate really, McDonald's French Fries...EVERY DAY. (Yes, I linked you to that cookie recipe....) It makes me really MAD that I can't have them (unless I want to be overweight and make my baby throw up...).

I feel kind of silly telling people we are doing this because they act all impressed, when really, we, well at least I am just crazy to be trying it. Oh well...wish me luck anyway!


Lara said...

You may be crazy, but don't tell me I can't be impressed. It's an impressive kind of crazy. :) Good luck!

Anna said...

I'm with Lara, you may be crazy, but I'm still impressed. Just taking the plunge and planning on it is impressive to me, no matter what the results.

Rae said...

Let's just say you're AMBITIOUS! And there is nothing wrong with that. :) Healthy choices are extremely difficult for me, too. I really just want to get thin and strong by sitting on my butt reading and eating chocolate all day. Maybe in heaven I can do that? In any case, I have total faith in you!!

Jamie Jo said...

That's awesome. You'll do great. I've put on a few sprint tri's with the neighbor's, and I have to do most of my swimming on my back. Isela Phelps is doing an Ironman Triathlon this week-end. That's crazy!!