Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Is it just me or is this just wrong!??!

So many of you read about Maren's issues with milk. It's been getting worse. Now not only does she throw up, but it makes her nose run whenever I cheat. This weekend I went up north by myself with the kids for a wedding. So I got Peanut Butter M & Ms for a 'pick me up' snack....ok, so I got like three packages because they were only 50 cents at Maverick. And then on Saturday I had Fettucine Alfredo for lunch because I figured I'd already cheated...I'm like that. If I eat three cookies, I'm going to eat's bad...I know.

Back to the subject at hand. So, this weekend was bad. Oh and let us not forget Sunday where I had not one, but TWO Utah mint truffles so kindly provided by the ward for Mother's Day. Well between Sunday and Monday Maren threw up 6 times. It was a lot worse than normal. Monday she also had a really bad snotty nose, a cough and a fever of 101 by the end of the night. She slept all day as well. So I think she might be teething, but I had a sneaking hunch most of the problem was directly connected to my "weekend-o-fun". My sister was passing through Cedar on Tuesday so I called my mom and asked her to send some soy formula with her for Maren. I wanted to just try it and see if we could get her back on track with that. (My mom works at a doctor's office and can get me samples...) Well she sent the formula, but instead of Soy sent Nutramigen Lipil. It's a formula for "babies with colic caused by an allergy to milk protein". Most normal formulas are made with Whey protein (I think). I was curious as to what they put in this that wasn't milk or soy so I turned it around and looked at the ingredients. Any guesses?????

Bet you will never guess....

#1 ingredient is:


#2 ingredient:


It then goes on to include a modified milk protein and I'm not sure what else. I couldn't get past those first two ingredients. They make up like 75% of the formula.

Does that totally disgust anyone else???? Seriously, who puts corn syrup and vegetable oil in infant formula? Well needless to say I didn't give it to her. Luckily she's been much better yesterday and today. I suppose I will just have to be more careful and when I cheat, not go so crazy. It still just blows my mind.

You know what else is a little crazy to me? I have been through at least three pediatricians with three kids and not one of them has ever suggested that I stop drinking milk to help with their "reflux". I think it was a chiropractor that said something to me about it. I did some reading on my own and tried it and found the answer myself.

My friend had some problem with milk too and brought the issue up with her pediatrician and he told her "seriously do you want to do that to yourself?" when she asked about cutting out dairy. I mean really people, come on! Doctors are putting kids on corn syrup and oil instead. OK, so I know there's probably more to it than that and I don't understand everyone's individual situation, but this is just one more really clear example to me of how important it is to be INFORMED and take charge of your own health. Because even with all that school, I am more and more convinced that sometimes doctors may not really have or be giving you the best information.

No, I am not anti-doctor. Yes, I really appreciate my pediatrician and have been very grateful for their help in many situations. Yes, we will continue to go back and no I'm not going "all natural". But this is still just eating at me. I don't know why it's bugging me so bad. But if anything is learned it will be that I need to be vigilant as a mother about my kids health and what is best for them.

Corn syrup and oil....come on! Am I missing something here?????


Jamie Jo said...

That is pretty crazy. I actually formula fed all 5 of mine, and never bothered to really check ingredients. Whoopsie.

emilee said...

not being able to nurse this last baby i realized the same thing...most, not all formula's have that as the first ingredient! My Ped said it helps with constipation and gas...thus you have those formula's for colic. unfortunately my little one is on one of those formula's and took awhile for me to get over it.....

Jaclyn said...

I second EVERY SINGLE THING you just said. It is incredible to me that the medical community is more likely to prescribe something new rather than just fix what is causing the problem. We spent 3 days at Primary Childrens for Laila and they taught us how to give her insulin for whatever she ate and spent very very little time on teaching us how to just feed her healthy food that will help the body regulate itself. We have completely changed her diet and have her diabetes under control with only drops of insulin a day. It boggles my mind that doctors treat people and their problems this way. Although I'm sure it is hard on you, you're doing what is best for Maren and that is priceless. I'm a fan of nursing as well so I haven't spent much time looking at formula ingredients but that really is shocking that is what they are made of. Really, who wants to feed their baby that. GOOD FOR YOU.

Heather said...

yeah, but don't you know that feeding your baby soy milk turns them gay? lol. (seriously I have a friend that believes it wholeheartedly).

Well, I'm mostly milk-free - just for myself (lactose intolerance) and I've found that it's so surprising to find all of the things that contain milk - even when you wouldn't think it did.

Good luck to you and keep on researching. I got my degree in nutrition and it's always amazing to hear the "nutrition" advice doctors give. They have a lot of other things to study and that just is not their specialty. Try a dietitian. :o)

Jason and Andrea Wilcock said...

I completely agree...we need to be more educated with our health and our childrens' health. I've learned that the hard way too and I've learned the more participation I have the smoother everything is. Have you tried any medication for the reflux yet? Both my girls had horrible reflux and couldn't gain weight because of it, so they were both on medication until they were about 18months. It really helped. I LOVE Kelly's reminder to eat cute!