Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Birds and The Bees

This is my Ty Ty in his beloved T-Bird hat. He loves this hat and wants to wear it everywhere. He thought he was pretty cool that he had his sunglasses on his hat, just like dad. What a funny kiddo :)

Last weekend we went to a Bees game with the kids. SUU Alumni was doing a thing with potential students. They fed us dinner and we all got SUU Baseball shirts. We have always liked taking the kids to the games. We went a lot when we lived there. The bummer this time was Joey had to work the whole game. He didn't even get to watch much of the game. Therefore I had to watch all the kids the whole game. It probably would have been fine, except the kids had to go to the bathroom about 6 times during the game.

Maren and I in all our SUU gear. GO T-Birds! and GO Bees!
Kelley loves the T-Bird. Tyler on the other hand, runs away, or buries his head in my lap. Today was my sister's graduation and it was at the SUU Centrum. As we were walking in, Tyler nervously asked "will the T-Bird be here mom?" I told him "no" but threatened that he might show up if he didn't behave himself ;)
Favorite part of the show! Fireworks afterward. Joey loves to sit on the grass and feel the perfection of it! The kids just like to watch the explosions.
Even Maren enjoyed the fireworks. She normally startles at loud noises, but she wasn't startled or upset at all. She just sat and watch the whole thing with intent interest.

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Looks like fun.