Saturday, February 20, 2010

The "fauxhawk"

I always hate to do more than one post on one day because I'm afraid you won't read or comment on my older posts. But I get on a roll and get excited about things I want to blog about and if I don't do it when I think about doesn't usually get done. So read my other posts from the past few days...

So I've tried to do this a few times with Tyler and he doesn't really like it. Last Sunday I got him out of the bath and did this "do":

He looked in the mirror and said "Mom I don't like fauxhawks....I look like an Indian..." Seriously don't know where he made that connection...Peter Pan maybe?

So he ended up with this darling do:
If you know Tyler, this is a little funny because he's such a crazy little tyke. Far from the demure little Church boy he looks like here.

His favorite is "spiky hair", but most days because of mom's lack of initiative, he ends up with whatever he rolls out of bed with. It's sad but true. The other day I was gelling his hair and he asked "is it church day mom?" No son, mom just decided to actually put some effort into life today :)

And finally a recent picture of the cutie pie, Miss Maren. I really need to do an update blog with all the fun things she's doing. She is such an angel though...seriously the best baby in the world...not kidding! Guess I'll go find her and get a little cuddle time in before bed.


Rae said...

She is so darling!! I love Tyler's hair. :)

Lara said...

Tyler's just adorable no matter how you do his hair! And Maren is beautiful!

PS I just schedule my posts to post later when I'm on a writing roll. Works for me, since I have that same worry as you do.

Jenny Stanger said...

Your kids are so cute!!! I love the spiky hair. And Maren is growing up so fast already. She is so beautiful.

Jaclyn said...

Too cute. He is a little stud, no matter how you do his hair. Great theory about the dogs and dads. But you're a better woman than I to allow it. Cause just like everything else, when the dad is bored with it the mom is left to deal with it