Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A few things

OK - Quick baby update. Going to the doctor is good...it makes me feel better. Everything is fine. No indication this baby will come very soon. For all the contractions I've had I'm only dialated to a 1 at 35 weeks. I was at a 2 with Kelley at 36 weeks and she wasn't born until 2 1/2 weeks later. This is good...as uncomfortable as I am... Also no signs of the preeclampsia yet. I need to get through at least this week and next would be nice too. Have to drink more water or something though. These "braxton-hicks" can be strong enough to take my breath away sometimes...

ALSO - Please consider signing this petition. With the economy the way it is it feels totally useless to even try, but I feel like we have to. Currently there is an awesome art program in place in elementary schools (maybe others???) around the state. Kelley has one of these programs at her school and she LOVES it. Research shows that children involved in the arts do better academically. But it is difficult for the people financing that to see that through the dollar signs and the program will likely be cut at the end of the year. We can let our voice be heard. Perhaps if they see that we care, there is a shot at saving the programs. The site is http://www.artworksforkids.org/get-involved/get-involved. They don't need a lot of information. Please look at this and consider signing the petition, even if you don't have kids currently benefitting from the program. I think the arts benefits us all in so many ways we don't even know. Please also consider ways you could spread the word if you feel passionately about it as well.

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