Monday, October 6, 2008


I had to post this photo.  It's from this summer.  We'd gone down to Zions to pick up the scouts and were walking around the visitor's center.  Tyler saw this bike and was like "cool motorcycle!" with all the passion he could muster.  He walked right up to it and was ready to climb on.  He loves motorcycles and anything else that runs on wheels really, but especially these.  I added a close up of his face, because the larger picture doesn't capture it real well in this format.  He has this look of almost adoration, fascination.  I thought it was really funny.


Lara said...

He does have a look of reverence and awe on his face!

Sophie's obsessed with your motorcycle. Every time she sees it she gets really excited and calls it Wall-E. :)

Lauren said...

His face looks angelic as he examines the motorcycle. So adorable!