Sunday, August 24, 2008

Will it last?/Is it worth it?/Lost tooth/Life is crazy

I couldn't decide what to name my post, so you get all the things I've been thinking about lately. Kelley and I went out to the garden again yesterday. I love spending time with her out there, she gets so excited about picking the beans and berries and corn. It's fun to sit and talk with her and see what crazy things she comes up with. I can't help but think "Will this last?" Will she always want to come out and spend time with me? What can I do to continue to foster this excitement. Toward the end of the evening she was NOT in the mood to help any longer. I suppose the answer to my question is probably no, it probably won't last. But I'm loving it right now. And if we get nothing else out of the garden I've got a lot of good work and time with my family.

On that same note I've come to the point where I have to ask myself "Is it worth it?" Last year the raspberry patch was left to the weeds and didn't produce anything significant. I love raspberries and so this year was determined to get some fruit and make some jam this year. It's been doing pretty good so far, but for those of you that have ever picked them, you know what a battle it can be. I've had permanent scratches on my arms for weeks now. They are just little, but they just get healed and I go back out, scratching myself all up again. It's been so hot I can't bring myself to wear long sleeves. If you are not aware raspberry bushes are extremely prickly. We have two patches and the one isn't real bad, it's small and so I can basically find all the berries without getting right in the middle of it. But there's another huge patch that isn't producing nearly as well so I have to get right in the middle of it and wade through the bushes. Yesterday I made the mistake of wearing capris. Won't do that again. Anyway, I think it is worth it, but even with all the forays into the patch, I haven't got enough for a batch of jam yet! I think I did yesterday, but didn't buy the right stuff to do it...arggg...hopefully it will be better. I've posted some pictures of the garden also. As you can see, it literally is more weeds than anything else. I've also got to the point where I don't really care so much. I figure whatever's going to grow now will, weeds or not, so I've been focused only on harvesting. Oh well.

Kelley lost her first real tooth yesterday. She was so proud because she pulled it out herself. It had been hanging by a thread for two days, but she wouldn't let daddy just yank it. She actually already had her two front top teeth pulled earlier this year. When she was 2 she fell and smacked them on the concrete. This weakened them to the point where they were totally decayed and eating at the roots. Her other bottom front tooth is pretty loose also so soon she'll have all four front teeth gone. She's exicted to be able to stick a spoon through the hole...go figure.

Finally....for those of you who haven't seen the news...on Friday a doctor from Cedar City and most of his office staff was killed in a firery plane crash near Moab. Ten people total died. Joey and I had just been to his office for the first time within the last month. His son, Dallin was on board and was the medical assistant that helped me out there. I've been thinking about it all weekend. There are so many peices to pick up now. Dallin left behind a wife that's 8 months pregnant. One of the nurses had just got engaged last week. There was a single mom on board and one of the girls lost a sister to suicide just last now her parents have lost two daughters within a year. My brother in law put it well I think. There just seems to be so much unfinished business. It just struck me that you never know what life will hand you. We were just there. I remember we waited FOREVER in the lobby and that Dallin seemed so young to me. I also remember a little old man out in the lobby as well with this huge sore on his head. He seemed like he wasn't maybe all there and came in to see the doctor without an appointment. The sore looked really serious, like maybe cancer or something and it seemed that he had been kind of sent from place to place. I've thought of him and wonder what will happen to him now that the doctor is gone. Will anyone else know to follow up with him? Everything happens for a reason and I know that. I have felt like things will be OK for the families, somehow, but it just all seems so tragic and makes me grateful for each new day that I have. It makes me feel a bit like I ought to value my time a little more than I do.


Andrea said...

Good job with the garden.

Zoie hasn't lost any teeth yet, but I think I was eight when I lost my first one, so she might have awhile yet.

It is so sad about the plane crash. Matt read about it online the other day. You really never know what might happen.

Rae said...

I had no idea about the crash. What a tragedy. It hits hard when the names are familiar, too.

Reed hasn't lost any teeth. I guess I lost my first when I was 7? So maybe I'll have to wait a bit.

Joey said...

I don't think kelley's teeth are a normal thing. She hits her mouth a lot. I don't think she will be getting new teeth for a while, but hey she is six dollars richer (two bucks for each tooth). The tooth fairy must have invested her money wisely—when I was a kid I got 25¢, what a rip off!

Chrissy said...

Oh my gosh! Of course I remember you! What a small world! That's crazy. I'm glad you found me. Now don't be a stranger ;)

And that's such a sad story about the plane crash down there. Ryan's sister lives down there, too. I'll have to call her and see if she knew anyone on the plane. That's horrible.