Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I was made for cramming

So I just finished up one of my two summer classes I was taking. I've been frustrated all semester because every time I took a test I couldn't seem to get better than an 84 or 86 on the stupid things. I did much better than that in college generally and I even slept through half my classes. This class I was actually reading the textbook, which I NEVER did before. AUGH! Well we had 8 tests and they were basically go at your own pace. So this week I ended having to finish 4 of them between Saturday and today because I've been so busy with the daycare and other assignments that I have put these off. Anyway, I got better scores on these last 4 tests than any of the others...90, 88, 96 (!) and 90. The last test I didn't even actually read the chapters, just skimmed the definitions and summaries. So all that time in college I didn't need to feel guilty for being such a slacker (writing 10 page papers the night before they were due, sleeping through class, cramming for tests)...I was just doing what I was made for!

As a side note, I wrote the research paper for this class...the night it was due and got a 100% and ended up with an A- in the class. 100% on all but one assignment, but those darn tests....

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Andrea said...

Congrats on being finished! Sometimes I think about going back to get my masters, and then I read about the tests and stuff, and rethink. :)