Sunday, September 20, 2009

A little of this and that

Am I a bad mother? Tyler is obsessed with Lego Batman and sometimes Lego Indiana Jones on the xBox 360. He is quite the little player. I don't let him play during daycare and we often have things going on at night, so he doesn't get to play then a lot either. But Sundays are kind of bad. We discovered that the use of the games as a motivational tool for good behavior is quite effective. He struggled in Primary, this being his first year and he being a young sunbeam. So he knows now if he's good in class he'll probably get to play batman. I just thought this picture was a little funny. Cutie pie doesn't even get out of his Sunday clothes before he makes a bee-line for our room and game...oh the things I said I would never do and now allow....

Joey got his Woodbadge beads a few weeks ago. It's a scout thing. He went to the camp last year and has been working on goals along with that throughout the year. I mention it here because he was really proud of the work he did to accomplish this. Sorry the pictures were all a little goofy. This is the best you get :)Just a random picture. I have said before I love sleeping pictures. He is just so mellow and cute and sweet and innocent this way. And I love it that he's always so busy (notice the pen in hand)...heaven forbid he recognize that he's actually tired and should sleep. No....he just keeps doing what he doing until he falls asleep having no other options.

I've been reading the Count of Monte Cristo. We got the unabridged version on MP3 from my sister, so Joey and I have both been reading it. About 2/3 into it I got annoyed that I wasn't finding out more about a specific plot line and I went onto Wikipedia and read the whole plot over to the end. So I know how it ends. I'm kind of funny that way, I am one of those that will read the last page just to make sure the book isn't going to be a waste of time with the main character getting killed or something. Anyway, it's been a great book. We are almost done...thank heavens! It's been I think a month since we started it. But now I'm wondering what we can read next together. It's kind of fun listening to it together and discussing it on road trips and such. It's a great book in case you are wondering. Totally different than the movie. I think enough so that you can appreciate both for what they are...basically different stories. But I'm still kind of bugged (since I know the end) about how it ends. In that I appreciate the movie better I think. But we'll see. Wikipedia I'm sure is much less well written than the actual book is.

We went to Melon Days in Green River this weekend. Joey's mom grew up there and her dad and a lot of family still live there. This year was cool because all but one of Joey's siblings came. That hasn't happened in a while. The kids had a GREAT time playing with all their cousins and Joe loves catching up with all of his cousins. It was a quick trip, but some nice road tripping time as a family. I got all the Watermelon I could eat, Joe ironically ended up without any. The first time EVER that has happened :(.

Tomorrow is our 8th anniversary. I wish I had more time to write a super sweet love note about it. We have had a wonderful time growing together these past few years and I couldn't ask for more. I'm so grateful for Joey, the father, husband and man he is and continues to become.

Well that is all for a while. As I mentioned it's our anniversary tomorrow so we will probably go out to dinner or something, but most of the night will be spent packing. Tuesday afternoon we are headed out of town again. We have been invited to spend a few days at Lake Powell with a family in our ward. I'm a little nervous about the whole thing with Tyler being at the age he is, but Joe has promised to keep him at his side the whole time. That being said we'll probably be offline for the rest of the week. Will catch up with you later!


Lara said...

I totally do the same thing with books. Either go online and research something that's bothering me as I read, or read the last page. Actually, I almost always read the last page. Joel will catch me doing it and lecture me. :)

Happy Anniversary!

Rae said...

If you are a bad mom (regarding using video games to reward good behavior), then so am I!! :) Lego Batman has been indispensable in the potty-training saga with Jax.

Andrea said...

Happy anniversary!

Jason and Andrea Wilcock said...

PA Reunion - October 23rd. Read my blog for more information. Invite everyone you stay in contact with. Hope to see you there!

Keeping up with the Bonacci's said...

ican't get over how much your son looks like you!