Saturday, February 7, 2009

Change is a comin....I hope!

But before we get to that:  some more random pics to make up for my lack for my lack of them in January:

Tyler's most recent funny saying is "I softing the kitty".  Today a little puppy came over and he asked if he could "softing the puppy".  Pretty funny...he's starting to get quite attached to our kitty.

The kids found this in the dress ups one day and dressed up my boy.  He loves this thing now and plays with it every chance he gets.

OK. so Kelley has seen those commercials for the "Snuggie" and she's convinced she has to have one.  I gave her my robe to keep her warm this day, but this is her "Please can I have a snuggie?" face.  She truly believes she really needs one for all the reasons they list on the reason why I hate TV, but it is pretty funny.

Another picture to illustrate my kids obsession with puppies.  When we want everyone to do something at the daycare, we just play puppies.  We have them roll over (see above), sit, play dead, pick up a toy, etc. etc.

My husband will probably heckle me when he sees this background...but it IS I'm going to put hearts on my blog!

So I feel kind of lucky...when I start to exercise my cravings change a little.  Tonight I was wanting cream?  No.  Cheese Tortilla?  Kind of, but not enough to justify it.  Cottage Cheese!  That's it.  I've been so excited this week.  I am getting in the groove with this Triathalon goal and am feeling a little more healthy.  I hope it stays this way.  I have been feeling REALLY unhealthy for umm...about the past 2 years really :).  I'm starting to get old and my metabolism isn't quite a quick as it used to be.  Also with two kids and all the changes we've had (moving, new jobs, starting the daycare, trying to get a routine in the daycare...etc...) it's been hard to get into a good rhythm.  But for those of you that aren't connected on facebook...I worked out 5 times this week!!!! So anyway...just wanted you all to know, I'm feeling really proud of myself right about now.


Lara said...

Chloe always used to say that too, "I'm softing the cat" or whatever it was she was petting. Cute.

Congrats on the working out! It's not easy, especially with as busy as you are!

Kate said...

That is so cool that you are training for a triathalon. I wish I had the time to. Your kids are getting so big. Have a great week.

Rae said...

Reed was actually making fun of the Snuggie!! ahahhaha.....

And AWESOME that you are working out!!!