Monday, September 8, 2008

One Packed Saturday

Kristy left for Las Vegas this weekend with her sister Karmin, so the kids and I had some fun on our own. We went to Kelley's soccer game, where her team beat the tigers. We went to a rodeo parade and saw the Budwiser Wagon, and afterwards had some fun on the inflatable toys at the park. We topped the day off by going to a football game and watching our SUU T-Birds kick the crap out of Adams State—that was Joey's favorite part. The kids enjoyed "Thor" (our mascot) and the candy. Check out our gallery for pics.


Shanna said...

Hi Kristy and Joey, this is Shanna Hansen from the Midvale ward. I saw your link on Jaclyn and Tiff's blogs. I just wanted to say Hi! Your kids are really cute! Hope all is well. Stop by our blog sometime! Its fun to keep in touch.


Andrea said...

Who is Adams State?

Edith said...

Hey Kristy. I followed the link from the 97 blog. fun to see your little family. You have two sweet kids.
I miss Utah and love seeing your garden (you are so lucky to have one) and other pictures of scenic Utah.