Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Does Tyler need a haircut?

I think so...Joey says no. Either way we can't cut it too short...I think I've already told that story on here, but it's 'part of his personality', so it stays at least semi long for now. But I think it's way past time for a haircut...what's your vote?

Speaking of this cutie...he is a funny kid and says such cute things. One of my favorites is the way he asks to sit on my lap. This started a while ago before he was better at talking than he is now. Instead of asking to sit on my lap he would say "I want 'shlap' momma". It kind of stuck. He still asks for my 'shlap" (sit + on + lap). I can't bear to correct it right now. Another one that started recently is "preyantis". We have had tons of HUGE praying mantis bugs in our yard the last few weeks. That's a pretty big word for him, so he just calls it a "preyantis".

Another thing that melts my heart...whenever I sneeze or trip or something like that he asks "you OK momma?" in the sweetest little voice. I love him!


Tiffany said...

That is pretty darn cute! I bet he is your little momma's boy, huh? I just hope these little boys stay that way!

C'est Moi said...

you know, I didn't want to cut Aaron's hair, but I did after people calling him a girl and he's sooo cute with short hair too!

So I think if you were to cut a tiny bit off, it would be ok -


Frances said...

If anyone mistakes him for a girl, you know you have waited too long, but he is so cute!