Friday, September 10, 2010

How I'm doing....

So I had my knee scoped on Wednesday. The nurses said that they just cleaned it out, instead of the more extensive surgery. So that's good. It's less recovery time. But on my paperwork it also says they did a Chondroplasty....which might complicate things a bit. From what I can find on the internet that's a procedure they do to resurface a damaged joint. When I went for the initial consult they said that could mean 6-8 weeks on crutches. But I never did get to talk to the doctor after the surgery. I tried to call him and the nurse told me that I could talk to him more at my follow up visit in a few weeks. I pitched a small fit and she talked to him and called me back. She said he said it was just the clean out. So I guess we'll have to "wait and see", which is totally annoying, but what can you do?

Anyway, people keep asking how I'm feeling. I'm doing good, I suppose. The first day was great. I walked out of the hospital on crutches and hobbled around the house quite a bit without them. Yesterday I was up quite a bit in the morning and feeling pretty good. I decided to take it easy that afternoon though and elevated my leg again. About 3 pm my leg (not my knee ironically) started to ache. It was like when you were little and got leg aches or growing pains. But I'm telling you it was INTENSE. It was almost as bad as labor. I took a lortab and then an hour later took 800 mg of Ibruprofen. 30 or 40 minutes later it finally went away, but kept coming back all evening. Joey and a friend gave me a blessing, but I was really concerned I wouldn't be able to sleep. Somehow I finally figured out that when it started to ache I just needed to stand up and the pain went away. Odd eh? In any event I started alternating the Lortab and Ibuprofen in earnest. I was able to sleep all right, but today has been crazy. I got up this morning to help with the daycare for a minute because Joe had to run in for work for an hour. I know, I'm a nut. People keep telling me to milk it for all it's worth, but that is not all it's cracked up to be. Sometimes it's easier to just do it yourself. Everyone has been great, but it's hard not to feel like a nag constantly asking for things and reminding when someone gets sidetracked. But at least I have people here to help. I am luckier than some I know.

Anyway, by the time Joey got back this morning I felt like I'd been hammered in the head and went back to bed. Every time I would try to get back up I would get nauseous again. So I ended up sleeping most of the day. I haven't taken any more lortab since earlier this afternoon (that's what's making me sick...) so I haven't really been sick to my stomach so much. I was at least able to get up and eat dinner with the family, but I still have a lingering drug head feeling. You know that one where it feels like your brain is just sloshing back and forth, kind of like a bobble head? Can you tell how much I like heavy drugs? Yeah....not so much. I hate how they stick with you long after they've "worn off".

In addition to the floating brain syndrome my leg is getting pretty stiff and sore. A lot of it feels bruised and sore. Not so much at the surgery site, although that I'm sure will get worse, but they have me wearing this TED hose. It's a really tight sock that goes all the way up to my thigh. It's supposed to prevent blood clots and pneumonia. But it hurts, especially at the ends of the bandages where it digs them into my skin. I have it off for a little bit, but will have to put it back on before I go to sleep.

And can I just say crutches hurt? My underarms and rib cages are just super tender. But I guess they will toughen up...I hope!

The upsides:

*I can sleep whenever I want without any excuses.
*I got a really cool ice machine from the hospital that I get to keep
*Joey gets a glimpse at what my life is really like
*I don't have to do laundry or dishes constantly
*I've had to wear nothing but my really comfy clothes for the past three days because nothing else fits over the bandage.
*I have a really good excuse as to why I haven't put on make up or fixed my hair
*Did I mention I can sleep whenever I want?

Oh, and I get to take this huge bandage off and take a real shower tomorrow. Wahoo!


Ashlee said...

I'm glad you are doing ok....2 weeks is WAY too long to wait to get some answers from your Doc! I would so MAD you have paid him a lot of money and he if nothing else owes you an explanation of what he did and what to expect before you are done healing! I would be throwing more than a minor fit...I would be rolling heads. I'm sorry to hear that his bedside manor is so crappy. (although, I still stand by he is a good doc. technically speaking)

Jessica said...

AHH! What a neighbor I am! I found out today about your knee from your sister who I was standing in line with at Bountiful Baskets. Red Rover Red Rover, send your children on over! Let us help you!!!!

Rae said...

Whew, I am SO sorry that you're having to experience this! But hopeful that you'll recover quickly and have better use of your knee....for now, you just take full advantage of the (albeit imposed) down time!

Jaclyn said...

Glad you're feeling better, that is a big surgery so I'm glad you're taking it easy. And I do always find a little humor when the Dad finds out first hand what the Mom "really" does all day long.