Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some Things I'd Like to Do

1 - Get a degree in Music
2 - Run a full triathlon
3 - Learn to do digital scrapbooking and do it well
4 - Learn to take really good photos
5 - Get my life in order, feel like I have good balance
6 - Run the perfect daycare
7 - Start a scholarship fund
8 - Build my dream house
9 - Do ballroom dancing with Joe
10 - Go on a cruise
11 - Tour Europe
12 - Live in New York
13 - Live in the middle of nowhere
14 - Become a "minimalist"
15 - Write a book...maybe...might just be content with an entertaining blog that people enjoy reading
16 - Learn to sing
17 - Play the piano again
18 - Learn to play the guitar
19 - Decorate my house
20 - Go on a mission
21 - Get enough sleep on a regular basis
22 - Practice Yoga at least weekly
23 - Read more
24 - Make meals my husband really likes every night
25 - Become Thrifty
26 - Visit all 50 states
27 - Keep my room clean
28 - Do community theatre
29 - Pay off our debt
30 - Get a masters
31 - Keep learning n growing


Lara said...

Good list. I hope you accomplish everything on it someday!

Although, I've pretty much given up on ever getting enough sleep on a regular basis (especially since it's 1:00 in the morning and here I am reading blogs...)

Sherrie said...

Excellent List! I also hope you can accomplish most if not all someday!

Burt Fam said...

Check one off the list. You do live in the middle of nowhere!

P.S. If you figure out the sleep dilemma, pass any tips/tricks my way. I think it's a myth.

Frances said...

With a list like that you will never get enough sleep on a regular basis :0). Good luck!

Janae said...

good to shoot for the stars, now you need to make some baby steps... what are Joey's favorite meals?