Saturday, October 31, 2009

What are you going to be on Halloween Night?

OK, so we love Halloween at our house. (I think I already SAID that :) Anyway, I'm ALL about the homemade costumes, although I usually bite off more than I can chew (more on that later). I just think they turn out so much better and last longer if you make them yourself. What you can buy at the store is nothing but junk anymore. Case in point: Tyler's spiderman costume this year already had seams ripping out of it.

But I digress... Joey was a pirate again this year. I spent so much time making it the first year (probably 5 years ago) and it turned out so good, he just keeps adding to it every year. One year he got a sword, the next a cool old looking gun. He's added keys and this year it was a talking parrot. I'm really proud of this costume, but I haven't got a lot of good pictures of it over the years. So I made sure to get some this year. As much as I like making our own costumes, this year we went for convenience. Tyler wanted to be spiderman. We didn't want to fight with him, so he got the $12 walmart special. Kelley's is actually one of my sister's old dance costumes. I think it's SO cute and so actually suggested it to her last year. She wanted to be a fairy princess, but this year agreed Red would be fun. So here's the pictures from the day. There are a lot of them...just to warn ya!

Kelley and Tyler, ready for the trunk or treat.

A pirate's wench.
The winning trunk at the ward trunk or treat. Joe does an AWESOME job playing his pirate part. Kids came back several times to tease him or get teased by him. He also put together a great Halloween soundtrack that we blasted through the stereo. It was SO fantastic that the battery in our car died. We almost thought we'd be stuck there all night!

I love that I got this picture at this moment. Kelley was "trick or treating" her dad. This is such a fun age...
My spiderman boy. He was kind of funny about stuff tonight and we had a hard time getting a good picture of him, but he looked just like every other Walmart Spiderman out there. It was funny because I was all worried about him being warm enough and ran and bought him sweats to wear under his costume this morning. Turns out we were trick or treating in 60 degree weather most of the afternoon and he really didn't need them for warmth, but they kind of bulked him up and made him look a little like he had muscles :)
Joe was messing around tonight after we got home and came in saying he was going to be a "sexy" pirate next year. I called him my "pretty boy pirate". After thinking about it though I realized he reminded me a bit of Porthos on the Three Musketeers. One thing I love about him is that he makes me laugh in all types of random moments :)

No one's going to bother THIS little Red Riding Hood.

Mom and Kelley. I also made this costume for myself at the same time I made Joe's. BUT this is such a classic example of me. I got the shirt done, but the skirt is still unfinished. It still has the elastic sticking out of the waistband waiting to be actually sewn up, instead of just safety pinned. AND it still needs the fancy beading I have for the bottom of it, which is as of yet unhemmed. I also have yet to make a proper sash/girdle for it. Twice when I've worn it I was pregnant and so I had that excuse that it wouldn't work anyway. But that leaves 2 or 3 other years I could have actually finished it before wearing it...ha ha!

33 weeks preggo. When I look down at myself I think "oh I'm not THAT big". When I look at pictures like's feels like ALL belly :)

Random conversation in the car tonight while driving out to Grandma and Grandpa's:

Kelley: Tyler, that's what Halloween's all about: darkness
Tyler: Kelley, I don't know about darkness
Kelley: (in a half mutter) Whatever....


Janae said...

I think Kristy looks like what a pirate wench looked like! You are all adorable. I think the sexy pirate is the way to go Joey...

Pete & Colleen said...

Joey never does anything half way does he? I can see him as Porthos. I agree with Janae about Pirate Wenches. Tonz of fun. MOM

Lara said...

You guys looked great! That's what I need to do for Joel: make a costume he can wear every year, just so he'll be something. :)

Tiffany said...

You guys do go all out! Love it! I wish I was that ambitious to make their own costumes! You guys are awesome! Congrats Kelley on the 2 front teeth, finally!

Jaclyn said...
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