Sunday, November 23, 2008

My kiddos!

On to one of my favorite things to talk about...Tyler and Kelley.  I'm sure I've said this before, but they are truly the light of my life.  Sometimes that light comes in the form of a lightning storm (;), but they are my sweeties all the same.  Here's a bit about my kids:

Tyler:  Just turned three yesterday (which is why he has the honor of being listed first).  He is SO fun.  He LOVES to dance and has great rhythm.  He is obsessed with trains (Thomas as well as real trains), Cars (mostly the movie) and pretty much all moving vehicles (motorcycles, trucks, helicopters,  etc).  He is really passionate and energetic.  He loves to play baseball in the backyard and really likes the color orange.  He has off and on been a biter, much to his mother's embarrassment.  Tyler loves his sister and is a very loving kid, often doling out hugs and kisses freely.  He has REALLY cool hair, way cute dimples and a personality to match.  I got a shirt for him that I think says it all "My parents are exhausted".

Kelley:  Kelley is almost five and a half and is just turning into a little angel!  She is so much fun right now.  She is in Kindergarten and loves it.  She is so creative, constantly pulling out all my ribbon and glue and paper and scissors to create stories or pictures.  She always has a smile and is still sometimes a bit of a mamma's girl.  Kelley LOVES friends and would have someone over all the time if I had the energy.  She has always been really smart and is really fun to have a conversation with.  Kelley will wear a dress every day if you let her and adores princesses.

I could go on forever.  These two are so precious to me.  I feel so blessed, although often inadequate at the chance to be their mom.  They remind me of the things that are good in this world and that I can be better.  I find it hard to remember a time when they weren't a part of our family.  I sometimes think at life before kids and wonder what the heck I did with all my time because it seems like everything now is consumed with them, but I wouldn't trade it for the world now.  I love em!


Kate said...

You do have very cute kids. I just think they both have so much personality. Enjoy every minute while they are small.

Andrea said...

Very cute. Happy birthday to Tyler.

Lara said...

Your kids are so fun!

Happy Birthday to Tyler...I didn't know, he seems too little to be 3 already.

Audrey said...

I taught Kelley's primary class on Sunday and she was great. Real cuties.