Friday, July 18, 2008


So, since Joey gets free tuition I decided to take advantage of it this summer and take two classes, should have stuck with one, because here I am...home tonight, getting ready for two tests tomorrow, instead of at Batman with my husband. OK, enough complaining and a little procrastination with a blog post.

So I'm finally going to post some pics. My sweet kiddos are growing up so fast. Kelley turned 5 last month and is getting ready to start Kindergarten. She was playing around on the white board the other day and out of the blue asks me "how do you write 'G'" I came over and she had the whole alphabet up to that point written, backwards. This is how far she got. I've heard that's pretty normal. I personally think she's super smart and is going to LOVE school.

I thought this was so funny. Tyler fell asleep like this. He's really big into imitating people right now. Somewhere along the line he's decided it's fun to say "No Way!" when we ask him to do something. I'm not sure where he got that and we don't think that's really cute, but most of what he does is pretty funny.

More later, but I really do have to read. There's lots to say, just not enough time to say it. If you have a blog, we'd love to see it if we don't already. I love keeping up with everyone this way, it's so fun to see what's going on with everyone!


Cameron and Nonie Gay said...

Hurray! Welcome to blogging. I'm so excited to get to check up on you and your little fam, I feel so out of touch. I'll get you some info on cute layouts in a day or two. Love ya!

rachaeljanae said...

I guess it's been forever since we've seen you--I wouldn't have recognized Kelley! Hope to hear lots of uptdates...